Thursday, April 7, 2011

My poor poor baby

Well yesterday we had to take our kitten to the vet - he jumped off the bench and hurt his leg. We had to get x-rays done to see if it was broken or popped out..and i just got the phone call from the vet and it is broken. His femur is fractured right by his hip bone and needs surgery. As you might know we aren't exactly the richest people in the world, and the thought of surgery is scarey. But i only lost my last cat 8 months ago, and i cant bear to think of losing another one of my cats :(.
So we are hopefully going to go with the cheapest option which is between $780 - $900!! I just pray that it works and we can have our beautiful kitty back. He is so special to me..and i just stinks that it costs so much just to save your wee kitty..wish the government funded it a bit - it would really help :(

So my afternoon officially sucks! I'm in a mood and upset, all i want to do is go see my Harvey and give him a huge cuddle :( So now i just have to wait to finish work then go to the vet with hubby at 5:15pm and talk to the surgeon and decide what to do...AhhAHHHHH!!!

I had such a lovely night with my hubby last night, we went and saw limitless and had dinner out..was awesome..too bad today sucks!! Well i better get back to work, think my lunch break is over now...


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