Sunday, May 29, 2011

new colour and welcome home Mum!

Me and my Dad, brother and Sister went to pick up Mum this morning, as she just came home from being in Myanmar for 4 weeks :) yay its soooo nice having her home, to know i can ring if i want to talk is good :) Looking at her photos and seeing how poor they are there, it makes me feel so privileged to live here in New Zealand, we are sooo lucky (to even just have a kitchen, let alone food to cook with)

On a different note: feel kind of bad now, but Mum bought me a perfume i have been wanting for a while now (duty free is good) Its Elizabeth Arden 'Pretty Hot' its soo yummy :)
I also dyed my hair yesterday, was meant to be bitter sweet chocolate, but its more like just black LOL
Ah well, i like it, here is a pic of it with my new perfume :)

New perfume :)
Well im pretty tired from going from Auckland and back, so im going to wind down and get ready for bed..cause its back to work tomorrow..oh yay! lol


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Winter is here, so is organization!

Winter is here, but is coming slowly, which is nice, its gradually getting colder, only 7 degrees tonight ( so not very cold at all) It will be cool when its all frosty in the morning, and you deck yourself up with coat and scarf :) ahh winter is so lovely (besides the cold)

I needed to get myself some new slippers, as my old ones were falling apart. So on the weekend i walked to town and got my self some sweet new slippers, they are called hoodies for your feet LOL, they are so warm and comfy, here is a pic;

aren't the coolest?

I also had my first porridge of the winter, was sooo good, especially with golden syrup drizzled on top ( i had run out of brown sugar, so was my alternative) I made it the way my Dad used to make it for me when i was little, every morning without fail in winter..mmm..(thanks Dad)

Also, i decided that we needed a little more order in the house, so i made some new lists to put on the fridge, a new shopping list and a Jobs lists, its working pretty good so far :)
Here they are;

most of them were ticked by the end of the weekend

Well im off to go check on dinner, its deviled sausages for dinner yum yum!
Have a good week :)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

husbands are lovely

Came home from work last night to find that the dishes were done, dinner was on its way and a happy hubby waiting for me with the cat at the door :) Love! Thanks to hubby we had a lovely crumbed chicken and Pasta dish for tea, with my contribution of bean salad..mmm..
And he even went to the grocery store to get some dessert, and came back with Hokey pokey Trumpets for us both! YUM - loving my hubby

So its was pretty much freezing last night, it got down to a cool 2 degrees (Celsius) last night, and when i went to bed it was 6 degrees! That's pretty cold for Hamilton. Not looking foraward to when it gets in the minus figures..brrr
So this morning i put on tights and a cardi (as well as my work clothes) and a jacket...its was soooo cold!
Luckily i am now warm in side :)

Today i might do some more painting, depends how cold it is, not a fan of painting with frozen fingers lol. Also might pop to the mall after work (late night Thursdays) and have a look around for some Merino (woolen) tunics for this winter.

Well i better get back to work :)
Hope you all have a good day.

Update added: 
{I am even getting an impromptu lunch date today with hubby yuss!! - i must be doing something right lol}

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

more painting and yum food

Did a few touch ups on the background, and filled in some of the antlers..didn't have much time to do much. But i did have a little time to cook dinner, we didn't thaw out any meat, so i decided to go vegetarian for the made a pasta veggie stir-fry thing, it turned out really yum :)
Im waiting for hubby to come home, and see whether or not we are going to life group..prob not since it has already started haha.

Well here is a few pics of the painting (sorry no big changes) and dinner ;)

painted the base coat of the antlers..

yummo dinner

Well i will wait for hubby to come home..watching Hells kitchen, not too much swearing so far, when it starts im changing the chanel lol.
Night all xx

Saturday, May 14, 2011

i finally started my painting :)

So i managed to paint some of the background, was quite fun actually, it has been i while since i have painted anything, well something that's for me anyways :)
So here is what i have done for far (note: really is in no way any where near finished LOL)

Semi done..still deciding whether or not to keep the tree..hmm

Night night.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

garden prettiness

Well here is my hanging basket that i bought last weekend, i think its pretty cool :) i cant wait for the nasturtium to grow all the way down the sides, its going to be so awesome ;)

growing nasturtium...

isn't it super duper??

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Nothing much..and chocolate

The last few weeks (or however long its been since i have blogged) has gone by pretty fast. Nothing much has has flown by, and i have not had anything worthy of posting i suppose lol.
I didn't have time on the weekend to start my painting, but yeah, might start it this time..depends, i might need to help my dad in the garden as my mum is way overseas, and we need to figure out what plants to pull out for winter :)

So yeah, i have done some more baking with my new mixer - it is sooo easy to do! and so quick!
It was my brother birthday dinner tonight (happy 24th birthday Dan!) so i baked him a chocolate mud cake :) Most of i got was pretty good...

mmm chocolate

On different news..i miss my mummy.. :( she will be home in about 2-3 weeks yay!
I went to the garden centre in the weekend, i LOVE garden centers, so much beautiful colours and smells and shapes..too bad its so expensive. Well normally i go with my mum..but she is on the other side of the world, so i went alone, and i managed to get a hanging basket and a nasturtium plant ( a special black velvet one) its going to look sooo pretty. And i got some daffodil bulbs :) which mum would really love too.

Anyways its late and i should probably get some sleep.

Monday, May 2, 2011


Some of the colours i will be using in my painting - hopefully i can start it this weekend!! (yay)

Off to bed now..blogging in bed is more tiresome than usual!
Night all

catch up

I Caught up with some of my friends, and Katrina's 21st party - man it felt like AGES since i had caught up with some of them..but we all had a good chat and it was so much fun. Thanks ladies for a lovely evening :)

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