Thursday, May 19, 2011

husbands are lovely

Came home from work last night to find that the dishes were done, dinner was on its way and a happy hubby waiting for me with the cat at the door :) Love! Thanks to hubby we had a lovely crumbed chicken and Pasta dish for tea, with my contribution of bean salad..mmm..
And he even went to the grocery store to get some dessert, and came back with Hokey pokey Trumpets for us both! YUM - loving my hubby

So its was pretty much freezing last night, it got down to a cool 2 degrees (Celsius) last night, and when i went to bed it was 6 degrees! That's pretty cold for Hamilton. Not looking foraward to when it gets in the minus figures..brrr
So this morning i put on tights and a cardi (as well as my work clothes) and a jacket...its was soooo cold!
Luckily i am now warm in side :)

Today i might do some more painting, depends how cold it is, not a fan of painting with frozen fingers lol. Also might pop to the mall after work (late night Thursdays) and have a look around for some Merino (woolen) tunics for this winter.

Well i better get back to work :)
Hope you all have a good day.

Update added: 
{I am even getting an impromptu lunch date today with hubby yuss!! - i must be doing something right lol}

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