Tuesday, May 17, 2011

more painting and yum food

Did a few touch ups on the background, and filled in some of the antlers..didn't have much time to do much. But i did have a little time to cook dinner, we didn't thaw out any meat, so i decided to go vegetarian for the night..so made a pasta veggie stir-fry thing, it turned out really yum :)
Im waiting for hubby to come home, and see whether or not we are going to life group..prob not since it has already started haha.

Well here is a few pics of the painting (sorry no big changes) and dinner ;)

painted the base coat of the antlers..

yummo dinner

Well i will wait for hubby to come home..watching Hells kitchen, not too much swearing so far, when it starts im changing the chanel lol.
Night all xx

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