Sunday, May 29, 2011

new colour and welcome home Mum!

Me and my Dad, brother and Sister went to pick up Mum this morning, as she just came home from being in Myanmar for 4 weeks :) yay its soooo nice having her home, to know i can ring if i want to talk is good :) Looking at her photos and seeing how poor they are there, it makes me feel so privileged to live here in New Zealand, we are sooo lucky (to even just have a kitchen, let alone food to cook with)

On a different note: feel kind of bad now, but Mum bought me a perfume i have been wanting for a while now (duty free is good) Its Elizabeth Arden 'Pretty Hot' its soo yummy :)
I also dyed my hair yesterday, was meant to be bitter sweet chocolate, but its more like just black LOL
Ah well, i like it, here is a pic of it with my new perfume :)

New perfume :)
Well im pretty tired from going from Auckland and back, so im going to wind down and get ready for bed..cause its back to work tomorrow..oh yay! lol


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