Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Nothing much..and chocolate

The last few weeks (or however long its been since i have blogged) has gone by pretty fast. Nothing much has happened..work has flown by, and i have not had anything worthy of posting i suppose lol.
I didn't have time on the weekend to start my painting, but yeah, might start it this time..depends, i might need to help my dad in the garden as my mum is way overseas, and we need to figure out what plants to pull out for winter :)

So yeah, i have done some more baking with my new mixer - it is sooo easy to do! and so quick!
It was my brother birthday dinner tonight (happy 24th birthday Dan!) so i baked him a chocolate mud cake :) Most of i got eaten..it was pretty good...

mmm chocolate

On different news..i miss my mummy.. :( she will be home in about 2-3 weeks yay!
I went to the garden centre in the weekend, i LOVE garden centers, so much beautiful colours and smells and shapes..too bad its so expensive. Well normally i go with my mum..but she is on the other side of the world, so i went alone, and i managed to get a hanging basket and a nasturtium plant ( a special black velvet one) its going to look sooo pretty. And i got some daffodil bulbs :) which mum would really love too.

Anyways its late and i should probably get some sleep.

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