Sunday, May 22, 2011

Winter is here, so is organization!

Winter is here, but is coming slowly, which is nice, its gradually getting colder, only 7 degrees tonight ( so not very cold at all) It will be cool when its all frosty in the morning, and you deck yourself up with coat and scarf :) ahh winter is so lovely (besides the cold)

I needed to get myself some new slippers, as my old ones were falling apart. So on the weekend i walked to town and got my self some sweet new slippers, they are called hoodies for your feet LOL, they are so warm and comfy, here is a pic;

aren't the coolest?

I also had my first porridge of the winter, was sooo good, especially with golden syrup drizzled on top ( i had run out of brown sugar, so was my alternative) I made it the way my Dad used to make it for me when i was little, every morning without fail in winter..mmm..(thanks Dad)

Also, i decided that we needed a little more order in the house, so i made some new lists to put on the fridge, a new shopping list and a Jobs lists, its working pretty good so far :)
Here they are;

most of them were ticked by the end of the weekend

Well im off to go check on dinner, its deviled sausages for dinner yum yum!
Have a good week :)

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