Thursday, June 30, 2011

Made myself a signature!

Oh yeah, man all i seem to be doing these days is editing my blog haha..ah well, its fun, and nice to know my blog looks pretty and organized ;)

Here is my signature, now will be on the bottom of all my posts.

Hope you all have a good week, here its sunny, so i am enjoying looking at the sun (outside - since I'm inside working..)

Back to some hard work now..morning tea is over..


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Girly catchups

Ahh how i love getting dolled up and going out for a coffee with a girlfriend! So much fun :)
A nice coffee and a great talk was so what i needed right not, even though its only the middle of the week, it feels like this one has gone on forever..Ah but at least i don't have to open the shop tomorrow, yay a little sleep in will be lovely! hehe 

Not much has changed this week, but i had to change my blog around a bit, because i was trying to change something, and i saved over the html code..duh!! So i was back to the beginning, like i mean i have to do the WHOLE layout again, man i was so pissed..but im over it now. I like it better now took such a looong time to do, i forgot how long it takes to get all the colours, and fonts and spacing right. 
But but, i managed to make tabs at the top..look look!! under my header, i was so proud of myself :) i found the html code, and managed to change it and make it link to my labels! yay so glad i managed to do it!
Hope you all like the new look, just a bit different, and a bit more colourful and cute :)

Well i hope that the rest of this week goes well, and fast, and that nothing too annoying happens, like a husband dropping a sub on his toe! lol.

Off to finish watching my show (drop dead diva) and then to do the rubbish, and to shower and then finally SLEEP! :)

Night all.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Husbands poor toe..

Last Tuesday morning Simon was taking our car for its Warrant, and we have to take out the sub-woofer, as its not bolted down, and we could fail on that. So he took it out and carried it all the way up our million stairs..then had to put it back in once we got the car back (we passed!) But on his way down the stairs the handle broke on it, and it landed on his big it was over the edge of the step..and the sub went rolling down the stairs..

So then i got a call at work from a lady at the A&E (accident and emergency) saying that my husband was there..with a smashed up toe, and missing toenail..nice! After all the scans or whatever, they found out that he shattered the top bone on his toe, and his toenail had to be re-attatched, so the toenail underneath can grow properly..

So yeah this week has been interesting with a hobbling hubby, with his moon-boot on haha..sleeping with a bag on his foot because it just so yucky, and trying not to bump it is sooo hard! But he seems to have endured it so far, with all his pain meds im sure he is fine.

So just dropped hubby off at Church for Music practice before church, so now can relax and have my coffee..and leisurely get ready to go.

OOooohh on non-related hubbiness..i went boot shopping yesterday with my mother in-law, and its quite hard, since i really only want to spend about $150 max, and i want leather, but we did find a few options, one pair from Hannahs, which are like some new brand. They are so lovely but i just need a size 6..and they didn't have any at Te Awa yesterday, so i might go look at another mall after church :) They are really lovely, nice small heal, and a few buckles round the side :) ahh hope they have a size 6..

Well i better get dressed or at least figure out what to wear, i have a few new things (well second hand) after the clothes swap on Friday night, that i went with my sister and mum, was real fun. Cant wait for next year :)

Well i hope you all have a great day, im sure mine will be, as its finally sunny outside, without much chance in rain, YAY.


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cupcakes :)

I made some cupcakes for a friends 22nd Birthday the other day, and i iced then ready for the party. I decided to do them in pastel colours :) its was soo rushed, but it think they turned out pretty nice, they certainly taste delicious! :)

Here are some pics of the cupcakes;


glorious yummness!! :)

cupcakes iced and ready to go :)

Tonight is thankfully a night in, i can catch up on the dishes, man there are so many, sometimes i feel like they are going to eat me up! hehe
Tomorrow night is the Clothes swap at my church, pretty excited, going with my Sista so it should be real fun :) Just have to rush home from work, coz it starts at 6pm - ah..hopefully i dont run out of time..

Off to get out of work clothes and to start on those dishes!! fun haha.

Monday, June 20, 2011

fun time with the Cat

Harvey loooves the totally loves it. Since it has been raining the last few days i haven't been able to take him out for a walk, and the property manager has cut back all the grass, so there is none for him to munch on..well we played with the laser, so i took a pic of him concentrating hard on the laser :)

laser concentration :)

My cold is getting better, just an annoying cough..a really annoying one. Well this week is going to be quite busy, tomorrow we have life group, then i need to make cupcakes for Wednesday, which is a friends 22nd birthday (on the 22nd! - how cool) Then have thursday free, and then Friday is a clothes swap at my church - you bring along a bag full of clothes you don't wear/need, and you get a few tokens, and you can then get some new clothes (well second hand) its so much fun :) im excited! I have my 1/2 a rubbish bag full ready to go hehe.

Well im am almost ready for bed, forgot that the car is going for a warrant tomorrow and hubby needs the car, so now he has to drop me off lol..ah well.

Night all, hope your week has started well like mine :)

Friday, June 17, 2011

got dressed today..yuss...

So have been feeling pretty stink lately, with this cold and all..which means i have been to grotty feeling/cold to get dressed. But today i got fully dressed, makeup and all, even perfume, so i didn't smell all like a hospital, and went off to my sisters for a visit. She is sick as well, so to was a little sick party, but thats ok. Mum made the best pumpkin soup for tea (yes hubby i know you will go ewww) but it as soo good on my sore throat, thanks mum!

Then me and my sis painted our nails, well i had done mine earlier in the day (bright red!) and she painted hers with my colours then put this new shatter top coat on, its pretty awesome, was going to take a pic of mine the other day, but i figured i couldn't upload in pics so i didn't bother..then i took it of LOL

Anyhoo...then i straightened her hair, and made some cups of tea, then headed home..and hubby had put roast chicken drumsticks in the over, and potatoes! :) Thanks hubby it was delicious! :) Big hugs and kisses for you :) and he even made veggies and salad. Go you!

Well now im just pottering on around home, cleaning up the place a bit - it gets a bit out of hand when im sick, just don't have the energy to tidy ya i have put things away, folded two baskets full of clean washing and did another load. I decided to get up earlier this morning, so i could get more done. Im too grotty and sick to go to work, but i can still get some stuff done i say! :)

Well it think i might sit back and watch some TV, Supernatural is on later, so that should be fun, just have to wait for hubby to get of Xbox, so i can watch it. (Since he made dinner im not complaining about it hehe)

Night all, hope your weeks have all gone well :)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

silly colds

So im sick again, have a cold, and its sicks. I know its just a cold, but its bad enough that i cant work, and that sucks. Today has been sooo boring, i have been so sore, and felt gross. And because i cant upload photos at the moment, its really annoying..gah!

Anyways, i feel crap so im going to watch project runway and get some more sleep.
Night all.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Yay an approval and fun prints!

Well on Saturday my Mother in law and me made a cover for my new cake mixer it sits on the bench (because its too big to go in a cupboard) So i decided it needed a cover, so it didn't fade and get dusty etc.
Also ACC accepted my new claim for my shoulder, so now i can actually get the treatment i need to fix my shoulders, hopefully i will get fixed, and my shoulders wont injure themselves so easily again..fingers crossed the Osteopath works...

So on the topic of fun and maria went to the fabric store to find something cool to cover it with - we were almost about to give up when i thought i saw something colourful (but not hideous under a massive pile..)
And we found it, that coolest fabric i have found, period. Its pretty much awesome.
Here are some pics of the final product - thank you heaps Maria for doing the sewing for me :) It looks fabulous!!!

awesome isnt it? thanks Mom for helping me




Gah! FINALLY managed to upload all my pictures, who knows what was going on with blogger, but its not cool, not cool at all. SO here are the photos that i have been trying to upload for the last few days :) I think the fabric is pretty awesome!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


So this is what i have done on my painting, a massive change, but i thought it needed something different :) Not sure if im liking it yet..
Anyways, here is my painting at the moment;

Night all.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Drawing done for Chases Auction

Happy Queens Birthday all ( and happy birthday Queen)
Here is the finished drawing;
Signed and done :)

I love rainy days sometimes - especially when you have heaps of jobs to do. Means you can potter on and forget about the crap weather, and focus on things that need doing. Managed to finish the drawing, and now im going to have a quick shower and do the last coat on the lamp a started painting for a friend.
Then i think i might (i really mean might) have a go at doing some more of my painting..then have some lunch..a coffee or two, and then i might even bake!

Hubby got called into work this morning - waking up to the phone ringing on a holiday kinda sucks, but time and a half pay is worth it! Its even better because our car isn't starting - though im not going to stress about this, there are too many things to worry about, so i have decided i just cant be bothered wasting my time stressing! Car is going to go get looked at tomorrow, hubby will take it into Firestone. (thank goodness we have been saving some money - for a house, but at least we can slightly afford to fix the car)

Anyhoo...i love staying in my Pj's till lunch time, there is something warm and cuddly about not getting changed, even though i am

So im off to paint the lamp, Yay another thing to finish - im thinking i like finishing things (hehe)
Have a good Queens birthday all, hope you do something creative, or finish some of your un finished projects :)


Sunday, June 5, 2011

did some creative stuff...

Did some drawing, so have almost completed one thing on my list haha.
Here is a pick of what i have done so far, not that much, still needs filling - haven't decided on the colours for the lettering yet...

So yeah thats about all i got up to this saturday. I went for a walk with my mother in law along the lake today ( it was finally a fine day) that was really lovely..needed a bit of exercise lol
Me and hubby went to town today to get him some new pairs of jeans, as both his pairs have massage holes in the knees (un repairable) - got 2 pairs for $109! awesome.. so yeah that was nice, had some mcD's for lunch (not so nice lol)

Going to have dinner with my parents tomorrow - yay another day off work :) My dad is going away overseas for a bit (man my parents are jet setters lol) So we will have a farewell dinner for him, even though he is not gone too long (but i will still miss him) :)

Well its pretty late ( man i always blog when it late as..must think of things when im sleepy)
Night all xx

Friday, June 3, 2011


So its friday today..YAY that means its the weekend tomorrow!! even more yay. And SUPER YAY for it being a long weekend - thank you mrs Queen for having a birthday so we dont have to work haha.
So about to go to bed, but i thought i would share with you a drawing i did today (at work) i was at the hight if my friday afternoon boredom..and really had nothing to i expressed how i felt on paper :)
Here is my boring drawing (lol)

yay for scanners :)

Anyhoo..this week has gone quite well, had a spontaneous movie date last night. Went to the mall with hubby, to get him a haircut, and we did some shopping with Westfield vouchers i have, and we saw that  X-Men was out - so we waited till 9pm and saw it. Was totally worth it - considering we got home after 11:30pm!
Only downside to the evening was i found out that the merino wool jumper i bought had a pull in it, so i am waiting for the shop to ring me to see if they have anymore of my size..stupid size 6 always runs out..
(Oh on another note: i FINALLY found a size 6 in work pants from the best work wear shop here - jacqui e. I have been looking for them for ages, but the shop only orders in one size dum)

Ok well this long weekend i have a few things i am wanting to do, and complete:
  • Do a drawing for a lady i met, who is holding an auction for her son to get to NY for christmas. (He has Cystic fibrosis, and she is holding the auction so help raise funds to get him there. He is also in the running for an AMP scholarship, you can vote for him here ( - you can vote from anywhere in the world - and all you have to do it put in your email ( they will not spam you))
  • Another thing i need to finish is a lamp i started painting for someone
  • I want to do more on my painting
  • Have some relaxing time to myself
  • Catch up with my family
  • Do some baking with my new mixer :)

Yeah so thats what im up to, hopefully will get most of it done :)

Well its getting late now, and the cat and i are sleepy.
Night all.

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