Friday, June 3, 2011


So its friday today..YAY that means its the weekend tomorrow!! even more yay. And SUPER YAY for it being a long weekend - thank you mrs Queen for having a birthday so we dont have to work haha.
So about to go to bed, but i thought i would share with you a drawing i did today (at work) i was at the hight if my friday afternoon boredom..and really had nothing to i expressed how i felt on paper :)
Here is my boring drawing (lol)

yay for scanners :)

Anyhoo..this week has gone quite well, had a spontaneous movie date last night. Went to the mall with hubby, to get him a haircut, and we did some shopping with Westfield vouchers i have, and we saw that  X-Men was out - so we waited till 9pm and saw it. Was totally worth it - considering we got home after 11:30pm!
Only downside to the evening was i found out that the merino wool jumper i bought had a pull in it, so i am waiting for the shop to ring me to see if they have anymore of my size..stupid size 6 always runs out..
(Oh on another note: i FINALLY found a size 6 in work pants from the best work wear shop here - jacqui e. I have been looking for them for ages, but the shop only orders in one size dum)

Ok well this long weekend i have a few things i am wanting to do, and complete:
  • Do a drawing for a lady i met, who is holding an auction for her son to get to NY for christmas. (He has Cystic fibrosis, and she is holding the auction so help raise funds to get him there. He is also in the running for an AMP scholarship, you can vote for him here ( - you can vote from anywhere in the world - and all you have to do it put in your email ( they will not spam you))
  • Another thing i need to finish is a lamp i started painting for someone
  • I want to do more on my painting
  • Have some relaxing time to myself
  • Catch up with my family
  • Do some baking with my new mixer :)

Yeah so thats what im up to, hopefully will get most of it done :)

Well its getting late now, and the cat and i are sleepy.
Night all.

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