Sunday, June 5, 2011

did some creative stuff...

Did some drawing, so have almost completed one thing on my list haha.
Here is a pick of what i have done so far, not that much, still needs filling - haven't decided on the colours for the lettering yet...

So yeah thats about all i got up to this saturday. I went for a walk with my mother in law along the lake today ( it was finally a fine day) that was really lovely..needed a bit of exercise lol
Me and hubby went to town today to get him some new pairs of jeans, as both his pairs have massage holes in the knees (un repairable) - got 2 pairs for $109! awesome.. so yeah that was nice, had some mcD's for lunch (not so nice lol)

Going to have dinner with my parents tomorrow - yay another day off work :) My dad is going away overseas for a bit (man my parents are jet setters lol) So we will have a farewell dinner for him, even though he is not gone too long (but i will still miss him) :)

Well its pretty late ( man i always blog when it late as..must think of things when im sleepy)
Night all xx

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