Monday, June 6, 2011

Drawing done for Chases Auction

Happy Queens Birthday all ( and happy birthday Queen)
Here is the finished drawing;
Signed and done :)

I love rainy days sometimes - especially when you have heaps of jobs to do. Means you can potter on and forget about the crap weather, and focus on things that need doing. Managed to finish the drawing, and now im going to have a quick shower and do the last coat on the lamp a started painting for a friend.
Then i think i might (i really mean might) have a go at doing some more of my painting..then have some lunch..a coffee or two, and then i might even bake!

Hubby got called into work this morning - waking up to the phone ringing on a holiday kinda sucks, but time and a half pay is worth it! Its even better because our car isn't starting - though im not going to stress about this, there are too many things to worry about, so i have decided i just cant be bothered wasting my time stressing! Car is going to go get looked at tomorrow, hubby will take it into Firestone. (thank goodness we have been saving some money - for a house, but at least we can slightly afford to fix the car)

Anyhoo...i love staying in my Pj's till lunch time, there is something warm and cuddly about not getting changed, even though i am

So im off to paint the lamp, Yay another thing to finish - im thinking i like finishing things (hehe)
Have a good Queens birthday all, hope you do something creative, or finish some of your un finished projects :)


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