Monday, June 20, 2011

fun time with the Cat

Harvey loooves the totally loves it. Since it has been raining the last few days i haven't been able to take him out for a walk, and the property manager has cut back all the grass, so there is none for him to munch on..well we played with the laser, so i took a pic of him concentrating hard on the laser :)

laser concentration :)

My cold is getting better, just an annoying cough..a really annoying one. Well this week is going to be quite busy, tomorrow we have life group, then i need to make cupcakes for Wednesday, which is a friends 22nd birthday (on the 22nd! - how cool) Then have thursday free, and then Friday is a clothes swap at my church - you bring along a bag full of clothes you don't wear/need, and you get a few tokens, and you can then get some new clothes (well second hand) its so much fun :) im excited! I have my 1/2 a rubbish bag full ready to go hehe.

Well im am almost ready for bed, forgot that the car is going for a warrant tomorrow and hubby needs the car, so now he has to drop me off lol..ah well.

Night all, hope your week has started well like mine :)

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