Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Girly catchups

Ahh how i love getting dolled up and going out for a coffee with a girlfriend! So much fun :)
A nice coffee and a great talk was so what i needed right not, even though its only the middle of the week, it feels like this one has gone on forever..Ah but at least i don't have to open the shop tomorrow, yay a little sleep in will be lovely! hehe 

Not much has changed this week, but i had to change my blog around a bit, because i was trying to change something, and i saved over the html code..duh!! So i was back to the beginning, like i mean i have to do the WHOLE layout again, man i was so pissed..but im over it now. I like it better now took such a looong time to do, i forgot how long it takes to get all the colours, and fonts and spacing right. 
But but, i managed to make tabs at the top..look look!! under my header, i was so proud of myself :) i found the html code, and managed to change it and make it link to my labels! yay so glad i managed to do it!
Hope you all like the new look, just a bit different, and a bit more colourful and cute :)

Well i hope that the rest of this week goes well, and fast, and that nothing too annoying happens, like a husband dropping a sub on his toe! lol.

Off to finish watching my show (drop dead diva) and then to do the rubbish, and to shower and then finally SLEEP! :)

Night all.

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