Friday, June 17, 2011

got dressed today..yuss...

So have been feeling pretty stink lately, with this cold and all..which means i have been to grotty feeling/cold to get dressed. But today i got fully dressed, makeup and all, even perfume, so i didn't smell all like a hospital, and went off to my sisters for a visit. She is sick as well, so to was a little sick party, but thats ok. Mum made the best pumpkin soup for tea (yes hubby i know you will go ewww) but it as soo good on my sore throat, thanks mum!

Then me and my sis painted our nails, well i had done mine earlier in the day (bright red!) and she painted hers with my colours then put this new shatter top coat on, its pretty awesome, was going to take a pic of mine the other day, but i figured i couldn't upload in pics so i didn't bother..then i took it of LOL

Anyhoo...then i straightened her hair, and made some cups of tea, then headed home..and hubby had put roast chicken drumsticks in the over, and potatoes! :) Thanks hubby it was delicious! :) Big hugs and kisses for you :) and he even made veggies and salad. Go you!

Well now im just pottering on around home, cleaning up the place a bit - it gets a bit out of hand when im sick, just don't have the energy to tidy ya i have put things away, folded two baskets full of clean washing and did another load. I decided to get up earlier this morning, so i could get more done. Im too grotty and sick to go to work, but i can still get some stuff done i say! :)

Well it think i might sit back and watch some TV, Supernatural is on later, so that should be fun, just have to wait for hubby to get of Xbox, so i can watch it. (Since he made dinner im not complaining about it hehe)

Night all, hope your weeks have all gone well :)

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