Sunday, June 26, 2011

Husbands poor toe..

Last Tuesday morning Simon was taking our car for its Warrant, and we have to take out the sub-woofer, as its not bolted down, and we could fail on that. So he took it out and carried it all the way up our million stairs..then had to put it back in once we got the car back (we passed!) But on his way down the stairs the handle broke on it, and it landed on his big it was over the edge of the step..and the sub went rolling down the stairs..

So then i got a call at work from a lady at the A&E (accident and emergency) saying that my husband was there..with a smashed up toe, and missing toenail..nice! After all the scans or whatever, they found out that he shattered the top bone on his toe, and his toenail had to be re-attatched, so the toenail underneath can grow properly..

So yeah this week has been interesting with a hobbling hubby, with his moon-boot on haha..sleeping with a bag on his foot because it just so yucky, and trying not to bump it is sooo hard! But he seems to have endured it so far, with all his pain meds im sure he is fine.

So just dropped hubby off at Church for Music practice before church, so now can relax and have my coffee..and leisurely get ready to go.

OOooohh on non-related hubbiness..i went boot shopping yesterday with my mother in-law, and its quite hard, since i really only want to spend about $150 max, and i want leather, but we did find a few options, one pair from Hannahs, which are like some new brand. They are so lovely but i just need a size 6..and they didn't have any at Te Awa yesterday, so i might go look at another mall after church :) They are really lovely, nice small heal, and a few buckles round the side :) ahh hope they have a size 6..

Well i better get dressed or at least figure out what to wear, i have a few new things (well second hand) after the clothes swap on Friday night, that i went with my sister and mum, was real fun. Cant wait for next year :)

Well i hope you all have a great day, im sure mine will be, as its finally sunny outside, without much chance in rain, YAY.



  1. Hi, I quite enjoy you blog it is very interesting. I am new at blogging and a little unsure if mine is going ok, could you take a look at it and see what you think.

  2. Thanks :)
    Yours looks great :)



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