Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Photos from January photoshoot

Back in January i did a photo shoot with Ilana from Pure Photography and she has just put some more photos up on her blog! Yay they are soo awesome, she is such an amazing photographer, amazingly talented. It was such a pleasure to be able to model for her 'Relive the dress' shoot.
Here are some of my favorites;
Also you can check out her blog here - have a browse through, she is truly talented.

Thanks Ilana for these wonderful photos :)

This morning was a frost! Sooo cold, but but, it meant that there was ice on the ground, and on my way to the car this morning, i scrunched some ice under my feet (my favourite thing to do in winter). Since we don't get snow here, that's pretty much as wintery as it gets, but i love it. It looks like today is going to be an amazing day, sunny, but not too hot, hopefully it will still be light when i get home, so i can take some pictures of my Jonquils (Narcissus), they are soo fragrant and lovely :).

I think i will do a bit more painting this weekend, as i have some more ideas, and i want to finish painting the antlers :P. Ohh on Thursday I'm getting a free facial from the lady at the Clinique counter (at the Te Awa mall). Yay that should be so lovely, will be nice to have a treat, the reason why I'm getting it is because a few weeks ago i got some sample of their face range, like cleansers etc, and they really want me to buy the range, which i will have to save up for (its quite pricey), but its so amazing, it makes your skin so soft and moisturized, i would recommend trying it.. 

I'm also coming down with a cold, i think I'm already down with it LOL :P So that sucks, luckily its not Hubby's flu, i REALLY don't want that - i have to still be able to go to work. So i think i will be going to bed early t his week, and having lots of soup and toast mmm..

I'm off to have a coffee - enjoy the icy day New Zealanders :) (if not in NZ, I'm sure its warmer than here!)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

More painting :)

Well today started off pretty early, as hubby is sick, and lets just say we both didn't have much sleep last night (if any at all) So i got up early and began a new day. Since Simon was meant to be working today i had done all the washing last night, so i didn't have anything to do today...so i took the cat for a walk, and he ate his grass..i think it must be like a drug for him, he just eats it and eats it..weird.

Well it was sunny enough for me to take some pictures of my winter garden, its looking ok, but not very colourful. hopefully my Primulas will flower in the next few weeks, and then it will all be ok :) My spinach is growing well, but it think i will need to put a bit more snail bait around them tomorrow, don't want the snails getting all of them :) And my hanging basket is getting very big, and even my daffodils that i planted a month ago have sprouted and are very happy. I love having my pots and planters to look after, there is something about growing things that is very rewarding, knowing that you need to water the, and that they need you so they can look all beautiful. Ahh cant wait for my tulips to sprout, they are my all time favorite flower, Hubby always buys them for me when he sees them - red is the best.

Here are the pics i took today of my garden;

my baby spinach all shiny and growing

Primulas :)

my hanging basket with Nasturtium

Well since i did all the chores yesterday that left me with pretty much the WHOLE day to do whatever i liked (Hubby is in bed feeling yucky) So i decided i would paint! woah it seems l like it has been ages, thats probably cause it has been about 2-3 months haha. Well i stole hubbies ipod and began. Was so relaxing and i always wish i did it more, but then after a few hours i remember why i stop. I get frustrated..and tired (especially with my injured shoulders, its hard to stand for 3 hours and paint) So i stopped, because i ran out of creative omph! But thats ok, i should have some more in a few days or weeks lol. But i think i am happy with what i have done so far, im not even half way, but this painting is just for me, so there is no real rush, just i like to get things done, so thats why is annoys me :P

Well enough about that, here are some pics of what i got up to;

listening to Train-drops of jupiter while painting

done so far...
This is a mighty looong blog post today, i probably should do the vacuuming or think of what to cook for tea.I made yummy french toast with caramelized pears for brunch, it was delish, but hubby is sick, and he threw his up (ew) So i have to think of something that will stay down..and give him some nutrience..hmm better go do some thinking..

Oh since its long already i will leave you with a cute picture of Harvey.


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Silly doodles and tulip planting!

I went to the Warehouse after work the other day, to get some plants to put in my empty round planter (that i took my finished Beans out of) So i wanted something colourful, but that will last through the winter, and not die when its frosty outside! So i got some sort of perennial - will check what it is later.

But but...i got 40 mixed Tulip bulbs for only $9.00!! Cool aye, i know its a bit late to plan them, but our winter here has only just started to get cold, so i think they should still flower, i even gave them some bulb food :)
So i have some plants that will flower in the middle, and about 20 tulips around that, man its going to look pretty when they flower :) Eeee.

Its starting to get chilly in the evenings now, down to about -1, which is not bad at all, but still cold. I'm not looking forward to when it gets any colder, our tiny apartment doesn't like they cold :(
I did a wee little doodle today, here it is.

hello..little bird..

When my garden looks less sad and wet, i will put up some photos of my growing bulbs and flowers :)

Hubby has been at tech for four days now, and it is going well..he has meet some cool people, and it doesn't seem to be too difficult yet. He got his work boots today, steel capped ones..very expensive, but at least you only have to buy them once :).
Oh my, another thing that is awesome, is playing guess who on an ipad! Me and hubby play it all the time, and one person gets the ipad and they other the ipod touch :) its so fun hehe.

Well I'm off to make a cuppa.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hubby started tech :)

Well yesterday Simon started his Electrical Engineering Level 3 training at WINTEC. Apparently it went well, and he has applied for his course related costs, so he can get all the things he needs, like stationary, steel capped boots etc. I have to do the stationary part after work today, i had a look on a few stationary websites to see how much its all going to cost (which is important these days) and i almost fell off my chair when i saw how much a Scientific Calculator was worth..$70!! what the heck! i was thinking maybe $30...so i had a look on the Warehouse site, and they have a more basic version for $32, so i think i will be getting that one. Man i had no idea they were so pricey..
Well i have to get protractors, set squares, rulers, pencils, highlighters, folders..And it will all cost about $70..Whoa! That's a lot of stationary i must say, but worth it because hubby needs it (and i don't think he would appreciate using my pink and blue set squares from school LOL)

So i have my list, and will be off to do that after work. Also hubby is getting an Ipad with the rest of his course related costs (which goes on your student loan) - just the smallest 16GB one, so he can use the wi-fi at tech to research etc, and take notes in class. Also so he doesn't have to take our laptop, which is waay heavier :)

Well im off to make a pot of coffee for morning tea :) Work is lovely today, its so warm inside, and im on top of all my work. Yay!.

Happy morning tea lol.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Reasons why i dont like doctors

Well this morning i had to get my yearly Smear test done, and without going into detail, they are quite unpleasant, even though you try and relax..its pretty hard. Anyhoo..also had to get a  blood test, which was not too bad, really fast, but its still a blood test, so it was a bit scarey :P So afterwards i treated myself to a coffee and a cinnamon scroll mm mm! I think I'm all ok now, funny how a coffee and treat makes everything better :)

Well it is the middle of the week already, man this has gone by fast, it has been raining ALL week, which sucks, but at least i have been at work, and don't have to go outside (its so lovely and warm inside).

Husbands toe is doing ok, still sore but healing nicely. He accidentally bumped it the other day, and made it start bleeding again, but i think it has stopped now. So he is all getting better :) which is good.
Hopefully he is going to start some more study next week, at WINTEC, he will be doing his Electrical Engineering Level 2 - which goes until November, so not long at all. But he is waiting to here back about a full-time job, so we will see what happens :) This week i think i am learning to be a little bit more patient, which is good..we just need to stress less about life, and get on with it. :)

Have a good week all.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Banana Loaf

Yay weekends are fantastic :) Even when its raining and horrible weather outside. Means you can turn the heater on and get a hot cup of tea..ahh how lovely.
Even though it was raining all day, i managed to get all the washing done and most of the chores :) yay i like having everything done, feels so good.

Hubby worked for a few hours during the day, so i was all alone for lunch, i really wanted to make cheese scones, but we didn't have enough cheese, and i didn't want to go out in the rain to get some. So i make Banana Loaf, and with the left over better, made some muffins :) They turned out really yummy.
Here are some pics, and i will post the recipe below ( i made it up myself, i was happy with the ones i found, and i had a few things that i wanted to use up in the fridge)

Banana Loaf

Preheat oven to 180 degrees Celsius.
Line a loaf tin with baking paper.


200g Brown Sugar
150g Butter (softened)
2 Eggs
1 tsp Vanilla 
4 Ripe Bananas (mashed)
3/4 Cup Yoghurt
2 Tbsp Cream (optional)
2 1/2 Cups White Flour
1 1/2 Tsp Baking Soda (bicarb)
1 tsp Cinnamon
1 tsp Nutmeg
3/4 Cup Chocolate Chips (or nuts)

  • Cream Butter and Sugar until smooth and creamy.
  • Add Eggs one at a time, and mix until all combined - add Vanilla.
  • Pour in Yoghurt and Cream, mix until smooth - approx 2 mins on med. speed.
  • Add mashed bananas (make sure they are mashed well, so you don't get any lumps)
  • Sift in Flour, Soda and Spices - mix well.
  • Lastly add Choc. Chips, and make sure they are all  combined.
  • Pour into lined Loaf tin.
  • (Recipe makes more then one loaf tin, you can either make a tray of 12 muffins (which is what i did) or wait for you loaf to be done, and make another smaller one (unless you have two tins, then do that))
  • Bake at 180 for about 1 1/2 hours, or until cake prick (or knife) comes out clean.
  • Note: if doing muffins, they only take about 20 mins, so keep checking them.

Once done, place on cooling rack, and when cooled store in a air tight container, should last up to a week. Or you could freeze it.

Hope you all have a great weekend, I'm off to get dressed for church :)
(there is even a bit of sun shining! amazing considering the violent storm last night)


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Playing with Harvey

Had some fun playing with Harvey this afternoon, here are some pics of him playing with the camera handle.. :) Isn't he cute? :)


Hello Blue Eyes!

Blogging in bed is difficult, with a cat on your lap..as well as being sore, so this one will be short.
Middle of the week already tomorrow..maybe some fun design will await me then :)

Off to warm up my heat sack and get some shut eye :)

Night xx

Monday, July 4, 2011

A new week :)

Yay a new week has begun! I had such a relaxing weekend, started with a lovely walk around the lake bright and early on Saturday morning (it was even foggy - thats how early it was!) go me! haha..
Then when i got home Hubby had made me French Toast and Bacon strips! yum yum (thanks Hubby)

Then i got all the washing ready and did the dishes, had a shower, and then spent the nest part of the afternoon shopping with a girlfriend :) gosh it was lovely, and i even got a free coffee at Starbucks (thanks Siren!)

And on Sunday i got a nice sleep in, and quickly went off to Church, and then had more yummy lunch..then did the rest of my jobs, like the groceries etc..ahh was so good to get everything done and even get fun stuff done :)

Well i had my third Osteopath appointment today, and it went well, im still sore, of course i am afterwards, i should feel better tomorrow. But my Osteo has suggested i get Acupuncture..which im not totally keen on, i am still in a bit of pain, like i cant sleep on my sides anymore because of my shoulder pains, but sleeping on my back makes it soooo sore, and stiff..so its really stupid. So i can get a discounted rate with ACC, but its still more money, which we are not exactly rolling in at the mo..Im just not so sure about being prodded with needles...ouch!

Oh i haven't talked about my little bubba harvey lately, but he is doing well, and his hair is almost grown back, still a bit patchy and coarse. But he is walking with only a little limp now (he has surgery at the beginning of the year, read about it here) But the cold makes him sore, so i went to the Vet today to get his flea and worming stuff, and they gave me a free heat sack (looks like a sleeping cat) to put on his sore leg, but he hates it, wants to rip it up haha..ah well..he's all weird now after being flead and wormed..probably just feeling violated :P.

Well im going to run myself a hot bath, and make myself (hopefully) less sore..
Night all.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Coffee Love - photo

Found this lovely photo by: Elana Khazina
Isn't it just fabulous, her photos are so dreamy and wonderful! Totally my love for today :)
And its another beautiful sunny day here in Hamilton, so i can sit and dream at my desk, and wish i was outside..doing something fun and cool :)

Untitled by Elena  Khazina (Ellen4ik) on 500px.com
Untitled by Elena Khazina


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