Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hubby started tech :)

Well yesterday Simon started his Electrical Engineering Level 3 training at WINTEC. Apparently it went well, and he has applied for his course related costs, so he can get all the things he needs, like stationary, steel capped boots etc. I have to do the stationary part after work today, i had a look on a few stationary websites to see how much its all going to cost (which is important these days) and i almost fell off my chair when i saw how much a Scientific Calculator was worth..$70!! what the heck! i was thinking maybe $30...so i had a look on the Warehouse site, and they have a more basic version for $32, so i think i will be getting that one. Man i had no idea they were so pricey..
Well i have to get protractors, set squares, rulers, pencils, highlighters, folders..And it will all cost about $70..Whoa! That's a lot of stationary i must say, but worth it because hubby needs it (and i don't think he would appreciate using my pink and blue set squares from school LOL)

So i have my list, and will be off to do that after work. Also hubby is getting an Ipad with the rest of his course related costs (which goes on your student loan) - just the smallest 16GB one, so he can use the wi-fi at tech to research etc, and take notes in class. Also so he doesn't have to take our laptop, which is waay heavier :)

Well im off to make a pot of coffee for morning tea :) Work is lovely today, its so warm inside, and im on top of all my work. Yay!.

Happy morning tea lol.

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