Saturday, July 23, 2011

More painting :)

Well today started off pretty early, as hubby is sick, and lets just say we both didn't have much sleep last night (if any at all) So i got up early and began a new day. Since Simon was meant to be working today i had done all the washing last night, so i didn't have anything to do i took the cat for a walk, and he ate his grass..i think it must be like a drug for him, he just eats it and eats it..weird.

Well it was sunny enough for me to take some pictures of my winter garden, its looking ok, but not very colourful. hopefully my Primulas will flower in the next few weeks, and then it will all be ok :) My spinach is growing well, but it think i will need to put a bit more snail bait around them tomorrow, don't want the snails getting all of them :) And my hanging basket is getting very big, and even my daffodils that i planted a month ago have sprouted and are very happy. I love having my pots and planters to look after, there is something about growing things that is very rewarding, knowing that you need to water the, and that they need you so they can look all beautiful. Ahh cant wait for my tulips to sprout, they are my all time favorite flower, Hubby always buys them for me when he sees them - red is the best.

Here are the pics i took today of my garden;

my baby spinach all shiny and growing

Primulas :)

my hanging basket with Nasturtium

Well since i did all the chores yesterday that left me with pretty much the WHOLE day to do whatever i liked (Hubby is in bed feeling yucky) So i decided i would paint! woah it seems l like it has been ages, thats probably cause it has been about 2-3 months haha. Well i stole hubbies ipod and began. Was so relaxing and i always wish i did it more, but then after a few hours i remember why i stop. I get frustrated..and tired (especially with my injured shoulders, its hard to stand for 3 hours and paint) So i stopped, because i ran out of creative omph! But thats ok, i should have some more in a few days or weeks lol. But i think i am happy with what i have done so far, im not even half way, but this painting is just for me, so there is no real rush, just i like to get things done, so thats why is annoys me :P

Well enough about that, here are some pics of what i got up to;

listening to Train-drops of jupiter while painting

done so far...
This is a mighty looong blog post today, i probably should do the vacuuming or think of what to cook for tea.I made yummy french toast with caramelized pears for brunch, it was delish, but hubby is sick, and he threw his up (ew) So i have to think of something that will stay down..and give him some nutrience..hmm better go do some thinking..

Oh since its long already i will leave you with a cute picture of Harvey.


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