Monday, July 4, 2011

A new week :)

Yay a new week has begun! I had such a relaxing weekend, started with a lovely walk around the lake bright and early on Saturday morning (it was even foggy - thats how early it was!) go me! haha..
Then when i got home Hubby had made me French Toast and Bacon strips! yum yum (thanks Hubby)

Then i got all the washing ready and did the dishes, had a shower, and then spent the nest part of the afternoon shopping with a girlfriend :) gosh it was lovely, and i even got a free coffee at Starbucks (thanks Siren!)

And on Sunday i got a nice sleep in, and quickly went off to Church, and then had more yummy lunch..then did the rest of my jobs, like the groceries etc..ahh was so good to get everything done and even get fun stuff done :)

Well i had my third Osteopath appointment today, and it went well, im still sore, of course i am afterwards, i should feel better tomorrow. But my Osteo has suggested i get Acupuncture..which im not totally keen on, i am still in a bit of pain, like i cant sleep on my sides anymore because of my shoulder pains, but sleeping on my back makes it soooo sore, and its really stupid. So i can get a discounted rate with ACC, but its still more money, which we are not exactly rolling in at the mo..Im just not so sure about being prodded with needles...ouch!

Oh i haven't talked about my little bubba harvey lately, but he is doing well, and his hair is almost grown back, still a bit patchy and coarse. But he is walking with only a little limp now (he has surgery at the beginning of the year, read about it here) But the cold makes him sore, so i went to the Vet today to get his flea and worming stuff, and they gave me a free heat sack (looks like a sleeping cat) to put on his sore leg, but he hates it, wants to rip it up haha..ah well..he's all weird now after being flead and wormed..probably just feeling violated :P.

Well im going to run myself a hot bath, and make myself (hopefully) less sore..
Night all.

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