Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Photos from January photoshoot

Back in January i did a photo shoot with Ilana from Pure Photography and she has just put some more photos up on her blog! Yay they are soo awesome, she is such an amazing photographer, amazingly talented. It was such a pleasure to be able to model for her 'Relive the dress' shoot.
Here are some of my favorites;
Also you can check out her blog here - have a browse through, she is truly talented.

Thanks Ilana for these wonderful photos :)

This morning was a frost! Sooo cold, but but, it meant that there was ice on the ground, and on my way to the car this morning, i scrunched some ice under my feet (my favourite thing to do in winter). Since we don't get snow here, that's pretty much as wintery as it gets, but i love it. It looks like today is going to be an amazing day, sunny, but not too hot, hopefully it will still be light when i get home, so i can take some pictures of my Jonquils (Narcissus), they are soo fragrant and lovely :).

I think i will do a bit more painting this weekend, as i have some more ideas, and i want to finish painting the antlers :P. Ohh on Thursday I'm getting a free facial from the lady at the Clinique counter (at the Te Awa mall). Yay that should be so lovely, will be nice to have a treat, the reason why I'm getting it is because a few weeks ago i got some sample of their face range, like cleansers etc, and they really want me to buy the range, which i will have to save up for (its quite pricey), but its so amazing, it makes your skin so soft and moisturized, i would recommend trying it.. 

I'm also coming down with a cold, i think I'm already down with it LOL :P So that sucks, luckily its not Hubby's flu, i REALLY don't want that - i have to still be able to go to work. So i think i will be going to bed early t his week, and having lots of soup and toast mmm..

I'm off to have a coffee - enjoy the icy day New Zealanders :) (if not in NZ, I'm sure its warmer than here!)

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