Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Reasons why i dont like doctors

Well this morning i had to get my yearly Smear test done, and without going into detail, they are quite unpleasant, even though you try and relax..its pretty hard. Anyhoo..also had to get a  blood test, which was not too bad, really fast, but its still a blood test, so it was a bit scarey :P So afterwards i treated myself to a coffee and a cinnamon scroll mm mm! I think I'm all ok now, funny how a coffee and treat makes everything better :)

Well it is the middle of the week already, man this has gone by fast, it has been raining ALL week, which sucks, but at least i have been at work, and don't have to go outside (its so lovely and warm inside).

Husbands toe is doing ok, still sore but healing nicely. He accidentally bumped it the other day, and made it start bleeding again, but i think it has stopped now. So he is all getting better :) which is good.
Hopefully he is going to start some more study next week, at WINTEC, he will be doing his Electrical Engineering Level 2 - which goes until November, so not long at all. But he is waiting to here back about a full-time job, so we will see what happens :) This week i think i am learning to be a little bit more patient, which is good..we just need to stress less about life, and get on with it. :)

Have a good week all.

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