Thursday, July 21, 2011

Silly doodles and tulip planting!

I went to the Warehouse after work the other day, to get some plants to put in my empty round planter (that i took my finished Beans out of) So i wanted something colourful, but that will last through the winter, and not die when its frosty outside! So i got some sort of perennial - will check what it is later.

But but...i got 40 mixed Tulip bulbs for only $9.00!! Cool aye, i know its a bit late to plan them, but our winter here has only just started to get cold, so i think they should still flower, i even gave them some bulb food :)
So i have some plants that will flower in the middle, and about 20 tulips around that, man its going to look pretty when they flower :) Eeee.

Its starting to get chilly in the evenings now, down to about -1, which is not bad at all, but still cold. I'm not looking forward to when it gets any colder, our tiny apartment doesn't like they cold :(
I did a wee little doodle today, here it is.

hello..little bird..

When my garden looks less sad and wet, i will put up some photos of my growing bulbs and flowers :)

Hubby has been at tech for four days now, and it is going well..he has meet some cool people, and it doesn't seem to be too difficult yet. He got his work boots today, steel capped ones..very expensive, but at least you only have to buy them once :).
Oh my, another thing that is awesome, is playing guess who on an ipad! Me and hubby play it all the time, and one person gets the ipad and they other the ipod touch :) its so fun hehe.

Well I'm off to make a cuppa.

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