Monday, August 29, 2011

Minecraft Birthday Cake

So here is hubby's Birthday cake that i made yesterday, keeping in theme of his Minecraft Card and Torch :) (for people that dont know about Minecraft (like me) its an Indie game where you build stuff with blocks and everything is in pixels) So here is my attempt at making the Minecraft cake;

whoot all done, I'm pretty stoked with it!

It's pretty close to what  it should look like..

Close up, lol

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Simons 23rd Birthday and my Garden

Hubby is 23 today! Happy Birthday my love, thanks for spending almost 3 of those married to me! :)
We went out with family and friends for dinner last night, as Iguanas, it was really lovely, i had a New Zealand Lamb Salad, was super good :) Here are some pics from his birthday;

Silly face Simon

Si and Me at Dinner

And here is the present i made Simon, and his card too;

a Minecraft torch box filled with Skor bars :)

the card i made Si, with the envelope being
a box from Minecraft

So yeah that was what i made Si, and now we are about to go and do the grocery shopping, Si starts his new job/apprenticeship tomorrow, so we need to stock up the cupboards and have food for his lunches :)
Oh, also my daffodils have finally go buds!! Here is a pic of one of them;

yay! its going to be a flower soon :)
Well we will go do the shopping now, and then we are off to Si's parents for another birthday dinner, how lovely :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Weddings are beautiful

Here are some of the photos i took at the wedding i was at on Sunday, i played around with them a bit on Topaz Labs, so much fun :)

Gorgeous Couple, lovely wedding, Congrats guys :)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Beautiful sunny days

This weekend was so sunny and lovely, Saturday was so warm and cozy. Dropped hubby off at work for 12, then went round to see my Sister in Law and Parents in Law, we watched a movie 'The Vampires Assistant' was pretty good, a bit too comical for my tastes, but a nice way to relax on a Saturday afternoon. Then once that finished, my mother in law a me went shopping for wedding presents, for our friends wedding that was yesterday, then we picked up hubby and went to the grocery store. 

Man i love going to New World (like its super cool), it is just so lovely, it makes grocery shopping bearable. I do like Pak'n'Save (our normal store) for how cheap it is, but i do get a bit sick of being bumped into by some random kid walking around with his phone playing snoop dogg like hes all gangsta..ugh i so dont miss that.

I feel all fancy..with my shopping cart that doesn't squeak, and my list in hand (like every one else) - ahh so nice. I think paying that little extra is worth it for a peaceful experience and helpful staff. I wish it was something i can afford to do more often, but the day will come, one day, that we will be able to afford to always shop there - at the Fancy people grocery store :)

Well enough about shopping, the wedding yesterday was so fabulous, a stunner day (besides the freezing wind) The Bride was so beautiful, and everything was so well presented. Here is a pic of Si and me at the wedding;

Si and me at Dave and Laura's Wedding in Cambridge

Well I'm all back into the swing of work now, its morning Tea break, so I'm going to go make some coffee for my workmate and coffee! But on other news, I think i will be going down to Christchurch for a few days, in about 2 weeks, with my Mummy. To go see my Gran and catch up, but also have a general holiday, will be lovely to go down south, i haven't been for almost 3 1/2 years! woah.

Also i went to my Acupuncture appointment on Friday, and it was quite good, I'm going to go again this Friday, i think it has helped I'm not to sure yet. But my back is definitely better in the mornings. So hopefully some of this treatment will help me heal and get back to my normal self (shoulder and back pain is such a downer..)

Anyhoo I'm off to go brew some coffee! :)
Have an amazing week all, and enjoy the sunshine! (if its shining)

Monday, August 15, 2011

For the love of Scones

What a nice quiet and relaxed weekend, ah, nothing i had to do, i didnt have to leave the house, and i just did stuff i wanted, how lovely. Went to my parents on Friday night, Dad made a fabulous Pasta dish, oven baked, was so yummy. Then we all Skyped my little sister in Auckland, and then we sat down to watch a movie, cant say it was my best pick, i have done better, but none the less it didn't take too much effort to watch. We saw 'Season of the Witch' turned out to be a movie about a demon, not about a witch, so was a bit of a let down, if i had known that i would not have rented it...stink.
So next time i think i will spend a bit more time looking through them and reading the backs..till next time.

So hubby worked Saturday as usual, and i pottered around home, decided not to go to the Mall with him, as i really wanted a day in my pj's. So i started my day with a coffee, then i did all my facebook stuff, and took the cat for a walk in the Sun (yes Sun, i know right? It has been foreeever since we have had sun on a Saturday) So me and Harvey spent a good half hour outside, and i continued my day in my pj's. I did the washing, too lazy to hang it on the line, so hung it inside, i cleaning the bathroom..and did some reading, then i got dressed and watched some TV. Being disappointed that nothing good was on, i decided to make some Scones, ah Scones! how i love thee..your soft buttery texture, cheesy and mm mm! So i began to make them, it was a lot easier than i remembered it to be, in a flash i had hot yummy Scones :)
Here are my yummy scones;

Then hubby came home with dinner (and Chocolate!!) and we had a nice relaxed evening at home.

Sunday came along and i taught the 2-3yr olds up at First Steps (at Church) about The parable of the Two Builders, one man built his house on rock and the other on Sand..who is smarter?? Right, so that was fun :) Followed by yum soup at Si's parents, and an afternoon of playing Wii Fit - super fun. I did my body test again, and i have put on 3kgs! LOL ahwell, it says i still need to put on 2kgs to be at a good BMI of yeah, and it told me that after all the balance and mind tests, that my age based on those is 20! Sweet, my body is a yr younger than i actually am. So that's my weekend in a large nutshell hehe.

Well im going to go and enjoy one of my Scones for morning tea :) yay!
(oh, hubby has a test at Tech today, I'm sure he will ace it, but good luck anyway Si - lurve yew!)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Silly shoulders

I wish my shoulders would go away and die..or just get better permanently. I dont lift heavy things, i don't slouch much, I'm very careful in everything i do..i sleep on my back (not my sides)..i dont see why they are still killing me :( I know it takes time to heal, but its annoying, some days are good, and i dont need a heat sack or ibuprofen, and some are bad like last night. I had a bath, didn't help. I did some exercises, kinda helped. Took some painkiller and used two heat packs, and i FINALLY got to sleep. 

But it's been almost a year since i injured myself, and i just wish i had shoulders like a normal person, to be able to sleep on my sides (ow man how good would that be) and to not worry about leaning on one shoulder, or accidentally lifting something too stinks big time. But i know, that it will get better eventually. I am going to book in to see an Acupuncturist next week, and hopefully he can help me loosen up a bit and get everything flowing as it should be. (sorry this post is a bit on the depressing side)

If anyone has any tips on how to treat shoulder and back pain, that would help, or if anyone has recovered from Bursitis - and what treatments you had. I have done physiotherapy, osteopathy and about to try acupuncture..I'm not really into taking painkillers as i want to know how my body is feeling, and i want to treat the issue, not mask it. So yeah, I'm just praying for some more healing at the mo, i feel that stress is quite a big factor in how my shoulders feel, and i try to let go of all my stress and its triggers, but its hard at the moment. Not that life is hard, i just think I'm tired, it has been a while since i have had a holiday...

Hmm well i better be off, hopefully I'm a bit more chirpy tomorrow :)


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Casual Tuesday

This week has started off slow, just the usual on this week i think. Was bible study tonight, we are going through a series called 'whats your style' by Andy Stanley, i must say it is actually quote good. Me and the cat had some cuddle time once i got home, he is always so sad when we go out, he must wonder where we go.. Anyhoo, Hubby is studying hard at tech, and has passed everything so far, so well done Si. And there isn't really that much longer to go now, cant believe its less than 4 months to Christmas! Ahh :S

I'm going to do a Practice driving lesson this Saturday hopefully, I have to get my full license by the end of August, because i have had my Restricted license since 2008..doesn't bother me, but apparently i have to get it, stink, its annoying having the extra stress, makes me anxious, I hate to fail. (but i think i will be fine..i hope) So yeah..that's something that will take up a bit of my worrying time lol.

Also i have been reading this book called 'Her Fearful Symmetry' by Audrey Niffenegger, it is really good, i just have to remember to find time to sit down and read it. I think its important to make time to relax and be by yourself, as I'm getting older i feel like being alone a lot more, I'm not sure if its because I'm around people all day, or just that I'm becoming more of a quite soul..haha I'm not sure. But hopefully i can read a few more chapters during lunch tomorrow :)

Well i will leave you with a picture of my and my little man Harvey (not so little anymore)

Harvey and Me <3

Off to sleep, and prepare for a fresh new day :)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I love baths, they are like heaven in water form. So welcoming and relaxing all over, i just wish they didnt get cold, and that they had arm rests and pillows :P (well i suppose the fancy ones do..but for us non high class people, a standard bath is it for us).
There is something about running the bath, putting in the bubbles/or bath salt, lighting candles - the whole process is full of relaxation, or the hope that afterwards you will have shed off all the stress (my case pain) and be able to tackle another day. I'm not saying each say is hard, just that it makes it more enjoyable - to start it more relaxed).
I think that its the combination of the process, that you take the time out of your schedule to draw the bath, and relax - and to stay there, still, soaking up all the warmth and goodies from the bath.

For me a bath is like a spa day, i don't go to spas, or get facials, or get my nails done, I'm not that kind of girl. I find things that are good substitutes - things at home, i love being at home. And to make your own sanctuary (at home) is a lot better than going out (for me) somewhere to have a soak in another persons bath/spa.. I think that every woman should own a bath, we need that place to be able to retreat to when we need to, i don't have children, so for some people that may be harder. But I'm sure having a bath is waay more important than doing the dishes..come on..

I think i had a bath for a good 1/2 hour, I even had a facial mask on, that I found in my drawer (that had been there for donkeys years) So it was all round a lovely relaxing time - which was to be followed by watching True Bleed (episode 3!) Awesome :)

I was very relaxed and grateful to be able to have a bath. However it did not take my pain away, but i was able to get over it. These days my shoulders are still painful, but it comes and goes, it depends how much i think about it, and how much a tense up about it. If i go to bed with a heat sack, i am normally ok-ish in the morning. Just have to remember to not lift anything over 5kgs and just relax.

So i hope you all find time to be relaxed and have a bath (guys can have baths too, its not just for girls - after all we all need to relax) :)

candles :)

Have a good week :)
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