Monday, August 22, 2011

Beautiful sunny days

This weekend was so sunny and lovely, Saturday was so warm and cozy. Dropped hubby off at work for 12, then went round to see my Sister in Law and Parents in Law, we watched a movie 'The Vampires Assistant' was pretty good, a bit too comical for my tastes, but a nice way to relax on a Saturday afternoon. Then once that finished, my mother in law a me went shopping for wedding presents, for our friends wedding that was yesterday, then we picked up hubby and went to the grocery store. 

Man i love going to New World (like its super cool), it is just so lovely, it makes grocery shopping bearable. I do like Pak'n'Save (our normal store) for how cheap it is, but i do get a bit sick of being bumped into by some random kid walking around with his phone playing snoop dogg like hes all gangsta..ugh i so dont miss that.

I feel all fancy..with my shopping cart that doesn't squeak, and my list in hand (like every one else) - ahh so nice. I think paying that little extra is worth it for a peaceful experience and helpful staff. I wish it was something i can afford to do more often, but the day will come, one day, that we will be able to afford to always shop there - at the Fancy people grocery store :)

Well enough about shopping, the wedding yesterday was so fabulous, a stunner day (besides the freezing wind) The Bride was so beautiful, and everything was so well presented. Here is a pic of Si and me at the wedding;

Si and me at Dave and Laura's Wedding in Cambridge

Well I'm all back into the swing of work now, its morning Tea break, so I'm going to go make some coffee for my workmate and coffee! But on other news, I think i will be going down to Christchurch for a few days, in about 2 weeks, with my Mummy. To go see my Gran and catch up, but also have a general holiday, will be lovely to go down south, i haven't been for almost 3 1/2 years! woah.

Also i went to my Acupuncture appointment on Friday, and it was quite good, I'm going to go again this Friday, i think it has helped I'm not to sure yet. But my back is definitely better in the mornings. So hopefully some of this treatment will help me heal and get back to my normal self (shoulder and back pain is such a downer..)

Anyhoo I'm off to go brew some coffee! :)
Have an amazing week all, and enjoy the sunshine! (if its shining)

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