Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Casual Tuesday

This week has started off slow, just the usual on this week i think. Was bible study tonight, we are going through a series called 'whats your style' by Andy Stanley, i must say it is actually quote good. Me and the cat had some cuddle time once i got home, he is always so sad when we go out, he must wonder where we go.. Anyhoo, Hubby is studying hard at tech, and has passed everything so far, so well done Si. And there isn't really that much longer to go now, cant believe its less than 4 months to Christmas! Ahh :S

I'm going to do a Practice driving lesson this Saturday hopefully, I have to get my full license by the end of August, because i have had my Restricted license since 2008..doesn't bother me, but apparently i have to get it, stink, its annoying having the extra stress, makes me anxious, I hate to fail. (but i think i will be fine..i hope) So yeah..that's something that will take up a bit of my worrying time lol.

Also i have been reading this book called 'Her Fearful Symmetry' by Audrey Niffenegger, it is really good, i just have to remember to find time to sit down and read it. I think its important to make time to relax and be by yourself, as I'm getting older i feel like being alone a lot more, I'm not sure if its because I'm around people all day, or just that I'm becoming more of a quite soul..haha I'm not sure. But hopefully i can read a few more chapters during lunch tomorrow :)

Well i will leave you with a picture of my and my little man Harvey (not so little anymore)

Harvey and Me <3

Off to sleep, and prepare for a fresh new day :)


  1. We were going to ask you guys for supper last night but I remembered you had study :D How come you have to get your full? I've had my restricted since 2008 as well! Oh no!

  2. Ya we have our Study on Tues. I have to because Si wants me to get it (and my parents, and my parents in law..l), and because 'apparently' its easier with it, so you can take passengers etc, but i have only found a few times when i would have needed it. But owell..i have booked a practice test for Sat 27th, then we will see how that goes, but i probably wont get my full till September now.

    You should do yours too, so i don't feel alone lol :P


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