Monday, August 15, 2011

For the love of Scones

What a nice quiet and relaxed weekend, ah, nothing i had to do, i didnt have to leave the house, and i just did stuff i wanted, how lovely. Went to my parents on Friday night, Dad made a fabulous Pasta dish, oven baked, was so yummy. Then we all Skyped my little sister in Auckland, and then we sat down to watch a movie, cant say it was my best pick, i have done better, but none the less it didn't take too much effort to watch. We saw 'Season of the Witch' turned out to be a movie about a demon, not about a witch, so was a bit of a let down, if i had known that i would not have rented it...stink.
So next time i think i will spend a bit more time looking through them and reading the backs..till next time.

So hubby worked Saturday as usual, and i pottered around home, decided not to go to the Mall with him, as i really wanted a day in my pj's. So i started my day with a coffee, then i did all my facebook stuff, and took the cat for a walk in the Sun (yes Sun, i know right? It has been foreeever since we have had sun on a Saturday) So me and Harvey spent a good half hour outside, and i continued my day in my pj's. I did the washing, too lazy to hang it on the line, so hung it inside, i cleaning the bathroom..and did some reading, then i got dressed and watched some TV. Being disappointed that nothing good was on, i decided to make some Scones, ah Scones! how i love thee..your soft buttery texture, cheesy and mm mm! So i began to make them, it was a lot easier than i remembered it to be, in a flash i had hot yummy Scones :)
Here are my yummy scones;

Then hubby came home with dinner (and Chocolate!!) and we had a nice relaxed evening at home.

Sunday came along and i taught the 2-3yr olds up at First Steps (at Church) about The parable of the Two Builders, one man built his house on rock and the other on Sand..who is smarter?? Right, so that was fun :) Followed by yum soup at Si's parents, and an afternoon of playing Wii Fit - super fun. I did my body test again, and i have put on 3kgs! LOL ahwell, it says i still need to put on 2kgs to be at a good BMI of yeah, and it told me that after all the balance and mind tests, that my age based on those is 20! Sweet, my body is a yr younger than i actually am. So that's my weekend in a large nutshell hehe.

Well im going to go and enjoy one of my Scones for morning tea :) yay!
(oh, hubby has a test at Tech today, I'm sure he will ace it, but good luck anyway Si - lurve yew!)

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