Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I love baths, they are like heaven in water form. So welcoming and relaxing all over, i just wish they didnt get cold, and that they had arm rests and pillows :P (well i suppose the fancy ones do..but for us non high class people, a standard bath is it for us).
There is something about running the bath, putting in the bubbles/or bath salt, lighting candles - the whole process is full of relaxation, or the hope that afterwards you will have shed off all the stress (my case pain) and be able to tackle another day. I'm not saying each say is hard, just that it makes it more enjoyable - to start it more relaxed).
I think that its the combination of the process, that you take the time out of your schedule to draw the bath, and relax - and to stay there, still, soaking up all the warmth and goodies from the bath.

For me a bath is like a spa day, i don't go to spas, or get facials, or get my nails done, I'm not that kind of girl. I find things that are good substitutes - things at home, i love being at home. And to make your own sanctuary (at home) is a lot better than going out (for me) somewhere to have a soak in another persons bath/spa.. I think that every woman should own a bath, we need that place to be able to retreat to when we need to, i don't have children, so for some people that may be harder. But I'm sure having a bath is waay more important than doing the dishes..come on..

I think i had a bath for a good 1/2 hour, I even had a facial mask on, that I found in my drawer (that had been there for donkeys years) So it was all round a lovely relaxing time - which was to be followed by watching True Bleed (episode 3!) Awesome :)

I was very relaxed and grateful to be able to have a bath. However it did not take my pain away, but i was able to get over it. These days my shoulders are still painful, but it comes and goes, it depends how much i think about it, and how much a tense up about it. If i go to bed with a heat sack, i am normally ok-ish in the morning. Just have to remember to not lift anything over 5kgs and just relax.

So i hope you all find time to be relaxed and have a bath (guys can have baths too, its not just for girls - after all we all need to relax) :)

candles :)

Have a good week :)

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