Thursday, August 11, 2011

Silly shoulders

I wish my shoulders would go away and die..or just get better permanently. I dont lift heavy things, i don't slouch much, I'm very careful in everything i do..i sleep on my back (not my sides)..i dont see why they are still killing me :( I know it takes time to heal, but its annoying, some days are good, and i dont need a heat sack or ibuprofen, and some are bad like last night. I had a bath, didn't help. I did some exercises, kinda helped. Took some painkiller and used two heat packs, and i FINALLY got to sleep. 

But it's been almost a year since i injured myself, and i just wish i had shoulders like a normal person, to be able to sleep on my sides (ow man how good would that be) and to not worry about leaning on one shoulder, or accidentally lifting something too stinks big time. But i know, that it will get better eventually. I am going to book in to see an Acupuncturist next week, and hopefully he can help me loosen up a bit and get everything flowing as it should be. (sorry this post is a bit on the depressing side)

If anyone has any tips on how to treat shoulder and back pain, that would help, or if anyone has recovered from Bursitis - and what treatments you had. I have done physiotherapy, osteopathy and about to try acupuncture..I'm not really into taking painkillers as i want to know how my body is feeling, and i want to treat the issue, not mask it. So yeah, I'm just praying for some more healing at the mo, i feel that stress is quite a big factor in how my shoulders feel, and i try to let go of all my stress and its triggers, but its hard at the moment. Not that life is hard, i just think I'm tired, it has been a while since i have had a holiday...

Hmm well i better be off, hopefully I'm a bit more chirpy tomorrow :)


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