Sunday, August 28, 2011

Simons 23rd Birthday and my Garden

Hubby is 23 today! Happy Birthday my love, thanks for spending almost 3 of those married to me! :)
We went out with family and friends for dinner last night, as Iguanas, it was really lovely, i had a New Zealand Lamb Salad, was super good :) Here are some pics from his birthday;

Silly face Simon

Si and Me at Dinner

And here is the present i made Simon, and his card too;

a Minecraft torch box filled with Skor bars :)

the card i made Si, with the envelope being
a box from Minecraft

So yeah that was what i made Si, and now we are about to go and do the grocery shopping, Si starts his new job/apprenticeship tomorrow, so we need to stock up the cupboards and have food for his lunches :)
Oh, also my daffodils have finally go buds!! Here is a pic of one of them;

yay! its going to be a flower soon :)
Well we will go do the shopping now, and then we are off to Si's parents for another birthday dinner, how lovely :)

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