Friday, September 16, 2011


I am home now from my short trip to Christchurch with my Mother and Sister, was a lovely few days away from Hamilton. Stayed with my Gran in her retirement villa, was great to be able to spend so much time with her. We saw other family and some of the damage in town and in the residential areas, was so devastating seeing so many homes destroyed and all the empty sections :(

But it was so great being in a different town, I think that somehow the air is different, and you always feel so refreshed once home. But you could never get away from the damage the earthquake had made, the people are still afraid and waiting for more earthquakes, people are staying away from malls etc.. Even my cousins who love to shop, will not go into the larger malls that have had substantial damage, which are now open again.

Here are some pictures;

i love planes :)

Damage in the city centre

A damaged church

Me in Grans walker :P

beautiful clouds

Well anyway, today was the day my childhood home is a sad day, no celebrating here, just sad feeling and mourning, it had to be sold, and now it has. I just thank God that they were able to do it so fast and get the price they needed. Now we just have the task of finding another 'home' not another 'house', there is a very very big difference between them, you want to be able to make a place your home, your base, and a lot of the houses we have been through have been houses, it is very hard to be able to see them as your home. Hopefully we find the right property for the right price :)

Anyhoo..The All Blacks just won against Japan in the Rugby world cup, the game was here in my hometown Hamilton :) it will be very busy heading home from my parents (we live in town) this will be quite busy..hmm..

Well I'm off to take my husband home to sleep, and I think I might get some shut eye too :)
Night all.

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