Friday, September 2, 2011

Well it is officially Spring here in New Zealand, the blossom trees are blossoming and the daffodils are flowering! I love this time of year, its still a bit cold, but the days get warmer, the sun is getting hotter, and there is new life everywhere :) From Lambs to flower buds, i love it!

Here is a few pictures of my Daffodils, they are so lovely, every year i wait for them so bloom, patiently, its so worth it :)

So that's so lovely to look at every morning when i go to work, next to grow is my Tulips, which are taking their time i must say! :) I love having a garden to tend to, its so much fun.

Well hubby has been hard at work all week, working 8-4:30pm ever day, I'm so proud of him for getting this apprenticeship, and for trying so hard at work., I just hope and pray that they want to keep him on after his 90 day trial, I'm sure they will, but even so, i will be praying :)

And Yay its Friday today, just having my afternoon tea coffee break, then back to the final hours of today. Work has been really lovely lately, lots of interesting people coming in and sparking up cool conversations, it always makes my day when someone has an old story to tell..ahh fairy tails, but real..

Back to work i go :) (Hi ho)

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