Thursday, September 22, 2011

What I've been up to

Well this week is almost over, and I feel like a I have done quite a few productive things :)
Work has been very busy, and I have been able to quite a bit of design YAY!
But I thought I share with you what i created - not the finished logo, but the Wooden Wagon a created from scratch. Normally I would try and source one, so I dont have to make it, but that proved alot harder than i thought, so i made one myself :) And I am pretty proud of it, it took a few hours, but i'm so glad i did it, i learnt quite a bit aswell :)

Here is my Wagon (doesn't look like much, but creating vector images is quite time consuming);

So yeah, that's my achievement of the week :)

My plants are growing so fast now, my tulips are popping up all over the place, even where i didn't think i put them! lol. And my spinach is ready to eat, my Nasturtium is huge! And my daffodils are beautiful, one of them even have three flowers to one stem! it's super!

Well it's my Mum's birthday tomorrow, so i better go make her a card, like I do every year :) Something special just for her :) Off designing i go...hi ho hi ho..


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