Monday, October 10, 2011


My 2nd Birthday

Well that time of year has come around again, and I still dont feel any older..This year its raining and cold, and a pretty miserable day. It's my birthday, but just feels like any other day, nothing feels special, i dont feel one year older, should I? I dont think i have felt a year older since i turned 16..i haven't grown much, my face has changed a bit, but otherwise, I'm still me. This year i am one of those in between years..last year was my big 21st, and the next big birthday is 25 :S

So this morning i had almost forgotten that it was my birthday, Hubby isn't one for celebrations, so i thought he had forgotten, so i walked up to him with a cheeky smile to make him think that he had to say something, and hubby quickly replied "I haven't forgotten my love, happy birthday" :)

So today has started well..i have a scatter of Facebook Happy birthdays and texts, so it's a nice quite birthday for me today :) I'm quite happy with that :)

Well i best get back to work, and prepare for my day.


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