Saturday, October 15, 2011

I got it!!

So a few posts ago i mentioned that i was going to sit my Full drivers License, which i have been avoiding doing for the last 3 years :S finally my husbands persistence got to me, and i booked it in to go sit it. I kind of had in my mind that it was going to be real hard, and the instructor would be super mean..but it was nothing of the sort. I had a lovely instructor, who was from Rotorua, and was new to Hamilton, so that made it easier for me, considering i knew the roads better than him :P

Well it all went perfect, i was calm and relaxed, we just talked the whole time about House Insulation and DVS systems LOL. But it was perfect to keep my mind of my nerves :)

So i ended up getting 100% in parts one and two, and 95% in the third part, because i didn't indicate when the lanes merged into one lane, owell..i still passed (needed to get 80% in each part to pass)

So here is my 'im happy i passed' photo...

Holding my temporary license :)

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