Friday, October 21, 2011

More baking: Coconut Layer cake

Well it seems like i have done a bit of baking lately, i love it! This time we were invited to a dessert party at a friends, so i decided to make something that has been on my to-do list for about a year now.

It is a fabulous Coconut Layer Cake, from Martha Stewart..i tweaked it a bit, as the size of our eggs here in NZ must be a bit smaller than in the US. But it turned out ok, not as moist as i would have hoped, but it was a hit! The icing was so cool, i was a bit unsure at how it would work at first, as i thought that pouring boiling hot suger into egg whites would go terribly wrong, but it was me that was wrong! It was amazing, and so beautiful how it all came together into this glossy glorious marshmellow frosting :) I think next time i will add some strawberry essence to it, or more vanilla, as it was a bit too egg white flavoured, but still amazing!

Here are some pics;

I will definitely be making this one again, with some changes, but the coconut goodness was just the sweetness i needed :)
The recipe is on Martha Stewart's website :)

Well this weekend is a long one here in NZ, as on Monday it is Labour Day, so we working folk get the day off..yay!! I haven't quite figured out what i am going to do with my extra day yet, but I'm thinking i might get started on my vege garden, I want to plant my tomatoes, and some basil to go along side it (but I'm not sure if my mum has grown seedlings of will have to check) And then deadhead all my flowers and enjoy the sunshine! I so hope it stays sunny this weekend, it would just be fabulous to be able to spent most of it planting and being outside. Sometimes working in an office all day gets to me..i really do enjoy being outside, its so calming and refreshing! :)

Also ages ago i got a dress from a clothes swap, but it needed some help, with a new Zip..and re hemming, so i think my mother in law and i are going to hit that project aswell :) Yay so many fun things to do with my time. Hubby is working on the Saturday, and then we are going to the Tattoo parlour to get his ring tattoo done, as being an electrician you cant wear jewelery, so he is getting our wedding anniversary tattooed on his ring ringer, in roman numerals :) its going to be so rad!

On the subject of Tattoos, I'm thinking i would like one, but being a creative individual (LOL) i have too many ideas, plus whoever is doing it has to do it perfectly, so I'm a tad nervous (its not like you can erase it if it sucks!) So here are some of the ones I'm really liking at the mo..esp

So yeah, i really love the idea of the birds flying, on would like it on my right wrist..i think its quite sweet, for me it represents freedom, and the future. Also i do want the word agape somewhere (it means the greatest love, the strongest, like the love God has for us). Yeah so, im probably too chicken to ever get one..but these are my favs at the mo :)

Well I'm off to have some lunch :)

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