Monday, October 24, 2011

My Garden and other things

Well it has been an amazing long weekend here in Hamilton, lovely and hot and sunny :) I couldn't have asked for anything better. I got heaps done, and managed to get some rest in there too...Saturday Hubby worked and i went round to my in laws to rest, and then after work we went to the tattoo parlour and he got his wedding ring tattoo, it turned out real lovely, and it looks like a real ring at a long distance. The tattoo place was pretty cool too, such lovely people there. Here is a pic of Hubby's tat;

It is just of our wedding anniversary date, 17.01.2009, but in roman numerals :)

Well the rest of the long weekend was great too, we had church in the morning and ended up going to lunch with a friend, there is this real lovely cafe in town called Scotts Epicurean, it does the best coffee in Hamilton, i had this delicious Pork Quesadilla, it was to die for!! Will definitely go back for another one.

Then Hubby suggested we go and get new matching bedside lamps, as we have odd ones, and it looks off, and new ones would be sooo cool :) So we popped down to Briscoes (who had a MASSIVE sale on) And we managed to get new ones for $20 each, they are cream, with cut out bits and Crome stands, they look sooo much better than our old mismatched ones. After that we did our standard Sunday grocery shop, and went round to his parents again to have dinner and watch the final of the Rugby world cup, and guess what WE WON!!! WOOHOO! go AB's! :) Was such a momentous occasion, considering we haven't one it for 24 years! lol

Then this morning i got onto some more jobs, and did some washing and all the boring house stuff (yawn) then me and Harvey the cat went for a wee walk around the house ( he is LOVING being outside at the mo, i think its the heat and sun, but he moans and moans until you let him out - which could be troubling, since he is an inside cat) Anyhoo..then i went to the plant store and got some more plants, some Basil and some Sweet peas :) And put them in my garden.

On the topic of my garden, that was what i spent most of this weekend planting and are some pics of what i have done so far;

My herbs

Spring onion and spinach

My tulip :)

View from my front porch

Beans and Sweet Peas

Cherry Tomatoes, Basil, Parsley and Spring Onions

So yeah thats my Garden :) It is going to be sooo beautiful once everything is growing and bigger. I also have a heap of wild flowers that i plated down by the front of our house, so they will look lovely too :)

Well i better cook some dinner, its 7pm and im pretty hungry i must say, i think its being out in the sun that does ( I may or may no have got a wee bit sun burnt, hope not)

Ooh also tomorrow i am getting a haircut! Yuss, i also died my hair today (will put picks up soon)



  1. lol, I guess hubby will never have an excuse for forgetting the anniversary now, eh? :P


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