Monday, October 31, 2011

you are so loved you really are..

Here is a new Sketch/Artwork that i have done recently, it is an idea for a painting, on the thought that everyone is loved, special, important in this large world.
I talk to a lot of women that dont even realise how important their life is, that they dont even know how loved they are. We are all loved, important, safe, gifted, strong, talented and precious..we are all princesses of God, and that is something that is amazing, we are sooo loved that the love cannot even be measured.

This thought has just been passing through my mind lately, about someone close to me that is so lost, and these are the words i wish i could tell her..but i know that she won't hear me (or chooses to ignore me)..this world that we live in is so dark and deceitful and fake - why is it that people listen to it, and not the truth their friends or family? Who doesn't want to be loved? And treasured? 

This is something that i struggle to understand, as a Christian it is so real and simple to me (the fact that we are loved and valued). But it think everyone else seems to miss that part of our faith, they see the fakeness that the world portrays of us, and then they dont get to know the real reason why even if our lives suck, we are happy, with the simple fact that we are loved, and sooo important to the most powerful person ever.God.

So this is my drawing/digital painting that kind of describes this, its just a rough draft, hopefully i will paint the real thing, and use magazine cut outs for the words.Watch this space, i will hopefully have this painting done by Christmas (fingers crossed)

you are loved you know
On really happy news, my mummy is coming home this week!! YAY she has been away in Myanmar for the past month, i am soo glad she is coming home, will be great to have here back, even if all we are going to be doing is looking at houses and packing up the house :(. But also glad that she will be back and safe, and in a country where is doesn't get sick so easily :)

Yay! Cant wait :)
Well off to lunch i go..hi ho..

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