Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Looking slightly better..

Well hubby applied for a Job at Fonterra, for an Electrical Apprenticeship, and he had a phone interview for that yesterday. So hopefully that went well..we have been praying so dang hard that he will have work next year. Also the same day he heard about Fonterra Phone interview, another Electrician Called him aswell..yay..thank you God. Hope one one these works out, hubby soo needs this :)

Also, on Health news, hubby is feeling a bit better after hurting his neck. ACC have approved his funding, so now we can afford to go to the Physio. So it all seems to be working out :)
My shoulders are ok at the moment, just have to remember to do my weights and stretches, otherwise we are all doing quite well.

I have started on the painting for my Sister in law's Christmas present, so that's exciting, i should be finished it by this weekend, so i may be able to give you a sneaky peak! :P I will also need to get started on the lino cutting, i haven't got around to that yet..that is going to e very time consuming! :S

Well thats me for now, im off to lunch..mmm..leftovers!

Saturday, November 26, 2011


Well today is the day that all of New Zealand votes for  a new Prime minister, so i did my part and went down to the hospital and voted :)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Christmas Craft

This is what i am wanting to make for my Christmas cards this year, i am going to atempt to make a lino cutting of this - below is what it should end up looking like, once stamped onto brown paper, with white ink;


Do bad things come in threes?

1.) Hubby (most likely) isnt going tyo have an apprenticeship next year
2.) I crashed the Car into a fence
3.) Hubby sprained his neck, and cant work - he needs to prove himself at work (his boss gave him an  extra chance)

Hmm..i think they do, well at least to us they seem to. Which is a rather large bummer..
I think after almost three years of marriage you kind of prepare yourself for times like this, for my husband and i, i think we experience this every year..something of some sort goes wrong (or not how we would have liked it to go) i suppose we are used to it. Which sounds kind of ominous, but there truely is nothing we can do about it, nothing we can do to stop it. Just give it to God, and i think that we should do that even when we have the smallest of issues, as we dont actually need to worry about it, becuase the situation is already being looked after by God. It may not have a resultion that you want or expect..but it will get sorted, and after it you can be like..oh yeah..thanks God :)

I just hope and pray that out of all of these things that have happened to us over the last week, that we wont become to stressed or let it ruin our moods..i really hope that this Christmas will be a good one, its a time for family and fun, and it is soo much easier to enjoy yourself when there isn't anything laying on your heart.

Sometime in the last week i have heard this verse, it think its quite right for where we are at at the moment..

"So do not fear, for I am with you;
   do not be dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you and help you;
   I will uphold you with my righteous right hand."                  
- Isaiah 41:10  (NIV)

On another note: The weather is getting warmer, and i can see summer coming, i LOVE summer, its so warm and the birds and the cicadas..ahh summer..I was feeling in the summer spirit yesterday (Sunday) so i took a new pic of me..i was going to do one of the cat, but he didnt want his photo taken LOL.

Well that's me for now..back to work (after morning tea) - not such a sunny day today..

Friday, November 18, 2011

crash..bang..oh crap!

SO i crashed my car into a fence yesterday..that's about it..need a new bumper, which are very expensive, and second hand ones are hard to find for my car..stink that this has all happened within a few days of hubby finding out about his job. Doesn't life suck sometimes?!

Meh..i need a coffee to take the edge off

(by the way I'm now afraid of parking by metal fences..)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


So...hubby found out about his apprenticeship yesterday...he didn't get it.
I can't understand why..he works so hard, he is smart, does an awesome job, his workmates think he is doing well..but apparently he doesn't meet the 'criteria'!

So yeah, at this stage he wont have a job by Christmas, which is just really really really stinky!!

Just pray that another Electrical company in Hamilton is needing an apprentice, so that my awesome hubby can carry on doing what he loves...oh boy..

Monday, November 14, 2011

Fast weeks and long weekends!

It doesnt feel like o blogged that long ago, but it has already been like 2 weeks! Whoops :P
I cant exactly say much has happened, just work has been mega busy and went by so fast it was Friday already! I think that this Christmas is going to be a busy one, which is nice, its always better when there is plenty to do, it keeps me organized :)

Well i had a lovely weekend, doing my Garden and Visiting more houses with Mum. Then on Sunday Hubby was playing guitar at church (he sounded awesome!) and then me and hubby + Kane (friend) went to Raglan for lunch, it was a stunner of a day, unfortunately it didn't stay nice, and by the time we go to Raglan it was overcast and the wind was chilly! :(

But we still had a lovely time, i had an avergae Rice salad, needed a bit more to it, but was ok. Then we went for a quick walk around to the sea, and grabbed an icecream and headed back to Hamilton.

We went in Simon's friend Kane's RX8 - man that thing can go fast, was a bit scarey at points, (almost weed a bit when passing someone!) But then we got back home, and we were so tired, Hubby and Me went and had a nap - till 6:30pm!! LOL so i quickly got up and zipped down to do the grocery i was like a back to the car and it was dark already! the day went fast.

Then i cooked up a mean dinner (with the help of hubby) we had Lamb on Couscous salad, topped off with a glass of wine - it was perfect to end such a lovely day :)


Sorry i dont have any photos this time, but i do have news about house hunting: my parents finally bought a place!! It's really nice and just needs a bit of paint here and there, and the Garden needs help of course, but Mum says we are going to design it! Fun! :) So it looks like they will be moved in before Christmas. Such a blessing that this has worked out - Thank you God :)
So we will be having this Christmas in a new home, but hopefully we can create new memories, and make this one our own :). This is the house that Hubby and me will rent off my parents when they move overseas, somewhere in the next year :) So this is exciting! A little bit of change is healthy - really is, its just hard sometimes..I'm not looking forward to the actually move, its amazing how much 'stuff' you can accumulate;ate over 20 years! I think it will take a few weeks..i'm on the task of packing and unpacking, as i cant do any fun!

Well back to work i go, afternoon tea break is over :)

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Weekend busyness...

Well another weekend has almost flown by, only Sunday left and then back to work we go. Sometimes it feels like they go by real fast, and others feel slow and you wish it was Monday again. Well this weekend seemed like neither, it started off slow and tiresome, waking up at 3am to put the Cat back in his bed..soo annoying! Anyhoo..he got up a few times, and escaped from the laundry, which upset my sleep. Then i started my day..hubby was working form 12, so i had time to bake, YUM, made some Elaine Grundy (well thats what i call it, its more of a fruit loaf - that you slice and put some butter on! Mmm)

Here it is; (not the prettiest, but tastes soo good)

So yeah, i started to make that, and hubby got a call to come in to work early, so i got dressed and drove him to the mall (he would have driven himself, but you cant park in the Mall for more than 4 hours without getting a ticket - he was working till 4pm). 

So i did that, and came home to get ready for Mum, who was coming to pick me up to go house hunting again, we have 3 open homes to go to, only 1 of which was really any good. This house hunting business is rather tiresome, you think you find a lovely place, and there is something wrong with it, or its just a right..ugh..So we started this at 12:30 and finished at 4pm! But we were all but done and we were trying to navigate a way back on the main road when we came across a private open home, so we went in. Ahh what a lovely place, its so homely and perfect, seemed so big for had beautiful gardens, amazing kitchen and deck, everything was painted and just soo great. It was such a lovely end to our kind of let down of a day. I'm hoping that my Dad likes it, and they go and have another look. (just pray there is nothing wrong with it, there always seems to be something..when you finally like one)

Well after that i managed to take some pictures of how my garden is going, the bean seeds that i planted have already popped up, and are big already, and Mum gave me some more tomatoes and Climbing Sweet peas! So im all sorted now, just have to water and look after them :)

Here are some pictures;

my potted colour still going strong! :)

Beans and Sweet Peas

Tomatoes (Cherry and Moneymaker) Basil, Spring Onion and Parsley

Harvey and me enjoying some outside time :)

Well i think that is all for tonight, its bedtime i think :) Soo tired, definitely should get to bed lol.
Also we bought Harvey a Cat Tree from Trade-me, so here is a picture of him on it, he loves sitting up on it when it gets the sun :)

Night night

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