Monday, November 14, 2011

Fast weeks and long weekends!

It doesnt feel like o blogged that long ago, but it has already been like 2 weeks! Whoops :P
I cant exactly say much has happened, just work has been mega busy and went by so fast it was Friday already! I think that this Christmas is going to be a busy one, which is nice, its always better when there is plenty to do, it keeps me organized :)

Well i had a lovely weekend, doing my Garden and Visiting more houses with Mum. Then on Sunday Hubby was playing guitar at church (he sounded awesome!) and then me and hubby + Kane (friend) went to Raglan for lunch, it was a stunner of a day, unfortunately it didn't stay nice, and by the time we go to Raglan it was overcast and the wind was chilly! :(

But we still had a lovely time, i had an avergae Rice salad, needed a bit more to it, but was ok. Then we went for a quick walk around to the sea, and grabbed an icecream and headed back to Hamilton.

We went in Simon's friend Kane's RX8 - man that thing can go fast, was a bit scarey at points, (almost weed a bit when passing someone!) But then we got back home, and we were so tired, Hubby and Me went and had a nap - till 6:30pm!! LOL so i quickly got up and zipped down to do the grocery i was like a back to the car and it was dark already! the day went fast.

Then i cooked up a mean dinner (with the help of hubby) we had Lamb on Couscous salad, topped off with a glass of wine - it was perfect to end such a lovely day :)


Sorry i dont have any photos this time, but i do have news about house hunting: my parents finally bought a place!! It's really nice and just needs a bit of paint here and there, and the Garden needs help of course, but Mum says we are going to design it! Fun! :) So it looks like they will be moved in before Christmas. Such a blessing that this has worked out - Thank you God :)
So we will be having this Christmas in a new home, but hopefully we can create new memories, and make this one our own :). This is the house that Hubby and me will rent off my parents when they move overseas, somewhere in the next year :) So this is exciting! A little bit of change is healthy - really is, its just hard sometimes..I'm not looking forward to the actually move, its amazing how much 'stuff' you can accumulate;ate over 20 years! I think it will take a few weeks..i'm on the task of packing and unpacking, as i cant do any fun!

Well back to work i go, afternoon tea break is over :)

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