Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Looking slightly better..

Well hubby applied for a Job at Fonterra, for an Electrical Apprenticeship, and he had a phone interview for that yesterday. So hopefully that went well..we have been praying so dang hard that he will have work next year. Also the same day he heard about Fonterra Phone interview, another Electrician Called him aswell..yay..thank you God. Hope one one these works out, hubby soo needs this :)

Also, on Health news, hubby is feeling a bit better after hurting his neck. ACC have approved his funding, so now we can afford to go to the Physio. So it all seems to be working out :)
My shoulders are ok at the moment, just have to remember to do my weights and stretches, otherwise we are all doing quite well.

I have started on the painting for my Sister in law's Christmas present, so that's exciting, i should be finished it by this weekend, so i may be able to give you a sneaky peak! :P I will also need to get started on the lino cutting, i haven't got around to that yet..that is going to e very time consuming! :S

Well thats me for now, im off to lunch..mmm..leftovers!

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