Tuesday, November 15, 2011


So...hubby found out about his apprenticeship yesterday...he didn't get it.
I can't understand why..he works so hard, he is smart, does an awesome job, his workmates think he is doing well..but apparently he doesn't meet the 'criteria'!

So yeah, at this stage he wont have a job by Christmas, which is just really really really stinky!!

Just pray that another Electrical company in Hamilton is needing an apprentice, so that my awesome hubby can carry on doing what he loves...oh boy..


  1. Awh gosh that's terrible! We were really praying he would get the apprenticeship. They didn't give him any feedback as to why he didn't get it?

  2. No all they said was he didn't meet their criteria, which is really annoying. Si is so crushed :( and angry


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