Saturday, November 5, 2011

Weekend busyness...

Well another weekend has almost flown by, only Sunday left and then back to work we go. Sometimes it feels like they go by real fast, and others feel slow and you wish it was Monday again. Well this weekend seemed like neither, it started off slow and tiresome, waking up at 3am to put the Cat back in his bed..soo annoying! Anyhoo..he got up a few times, and escaped from the laundry, which upset my sleep. Then i started my day..hubby was working form 12, so i had time to bake, YUM, made some Elaine Grundy (well thats what i call it, its more of a fruit loaf - that you slice and put some butter on! Mmm)

Here it is; (not the prettiest, but tastes soo good)

So yeah, i started to make that, and hubby got a call to come in to work early, so i got dressed and drove him to the mall (he would have driven himself, but you cant park in the Mall for more than 4 hours without getting a ticket - he was working till 4pm). 

So i did that, and came home to get ready for Mum, who was coming to pick me up to go house hunting again, we have 3 open homes to go to, only 1 of which was really any good. This house hunting business is rather tiresome, you think you find a lovely place, and there is something wrong with it, or its just a right..ugh..So we started this at 12:30 and finished at 4pm! But we were all but done and we were trying to navigate a way back on the main road when we came across a private open home, so we went in. Ahh what a lovely place, its so homely and perfect, seemed so big for had beautiful gardens, amazing kitchen and deck, everything was painted and just soo great. It was such a lovely end to our kind of let down of a day. I'm hoping that my Dad likes it, and they go and have another look. (just pray there is nothing wrong with it, there always seems to be something..when you finally like one)

Well after that i managed to take some pictures of how my garden is going, the bean seeds that i planted have already popped up, and are big already, and Mum gave me some more tomatoes and Climbing Sweet peas! So im all sorted now, just have to water and look after them :)

Here are some pictures;

my potted colour still going strong! :)

Beans and Sweet Peas

Tomatoes (Cherry and Moneymaker) Basil, Spring Onion and Parsley

Harvey and me enjoying some outside time :)

Well i think that is all for tonight, its bedtime i think :) Soo tired, definitely should get to bed lol.
Also we bought Harvey a Cat Tree from Trade-me, so here is a picture of him on it, he loves sitting up on it when it gets the sun :)

Night night

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