Monday, December 12, 2011

Dinner date with Hubby

Hubby decided that it was high time we went for a date :) So on Saturday night we did, yay! It was so lovely, we went out to Domaine in town, for dinner, and Hubby had this beef stack dish, and i had a creamy mushroom risotto, it was sooo delish! I couldn't finish it! :P Then we shared a Creme Brulee and it was just so yummy! So we headed home for a little while, before we headed out to the movies, we went and saw 'New Years Eve' it was pretty cool, kind of like Valentines day and Notting hill. But good none the less. SO glad Hubby game to see a romantic comedy with me :) - Thank Hubby xoxo
Here is a pic of us before we left for dinner;

Hubby and Me xx

Well that was such a lovely night, a good relaxing night before our Children's production at Church on Sunday - which by the way went fantastic! The kids sang, and danced and showed off all they had learnt about God this year - it was super cute, and such a great testimony. Wish i had a photo to show you, but i will have to wait until someone puts them onto Facebook :)

Well also on Saturday Hubby and me helped out my parents clean the new house, and bring plants and pavers etc to put in the garden. Its interesting everyone's idea of 'Clean' - how they are NOT the same..we have to clean the whole house again, i tackled the loo and the bathroom..and me and my sis cleaned some of the walls (how can walls be so icky!) So yeah, the day went well..and the carpet is going in this week..and the ceilings are being finished as well..ready for my parents to move in on Saturday! wow..this feels like it has gone by sooo fast! 

So that means that that will be the last time we ever go back to the house we all grew up in..on Monday the keys are being handed sad..i will have to give up my teddy bear back door hey :( - So this is all part of the moving on part of life, but i think that sadness will overrule our emotions on Saturday, well they will mine.. I will have to find ways to remember this house..think i will have to take a load of photos..with me in i remember..this is going to be soo hard. :(

Well i better go, and have some morning tea. Thanks for reading - pray that this Saturday goes well, and that we get everything done, and dont get too upset.


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