Monday, December 19, 2011

My Garden :)

Well i haven't posted about my garden in a while, so here are some pictures of it at the moment. My Tomatoes are growing like crazy and my flowers are looking lovely, and i even have some little tomatoes!

my glorious tomatoes and my flowers :)

Sunflowers, Candytuff, Marigolds, Sweetpeas :)

Baby tomato



Yay so thats how my garden is doing so far.. :)

Well, its only 5 days till Christmas now, wow! i have done everything, except im just finishing another painting for someone hehe. 

But on other news, my Baby cat Harvey had to go to the Vet to get his last shot for being a ful grown cat now..he did so well..but now he doesnt seem to be so well (beware this is icky) His poop is al mucusy and runny, not so much like diarea..just mucusy, and he has gone poop 5 times just this evening. But he is his normal self, playful and purring and running around, still drinking water and everything..So im not sure if i should just keep checking his poop..or take him to the vet again. We cant exactly afford it, but im thinking if i worm him it might help? He is due to be wormed..hmm i hate seeing my baby all sick (even though he doesnt seem sick)

Ah well..i dont need to be worried about this at the mo, im sure he is fine. I have a tendency to over stress things LOL

Well im off to put him to bed and go there myself..night! :)

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