Monday, January 30, 2012


Wow its been awhile since i have made a post, lots has happened and it has been a really long week.
My Grans funeral went really well last wednesday, it was everything and more than see could have ever wanted! She was farewelled my bagpipes! She would have been soo excited for those :)

Well while we were in Christchurch we had time to go through her things and choose things we would like to keep, for memories or for using. We firstly went through her jewelry, which was my sisters and mines favorite thing to do, we got to choose a few things, I got some of the things i have always loved, like a green necklace and some pearl earrings. And while we were looking through her things we found a box full of Gloves! They are soo wicked, i got to keep a really long pair that has buttons underneath, they are so elegant! And while me and my sister found her rather large shell collection, we stumbled across some Furrs! real ones made into Shalls and scraves. They are all made in Christchurch, i got to have a grey one with is like a large bolero (without sleeves) and a brown scarf type one. They are cool, but also a bit yucky! Will save them for a fancy dress party or to pass down to my children.

It was a hard few days, but really happy too, it was so much fun going through her things and finding memories..Love you Gran :)

Here is a Picture of Gran and I: People were saying at the Funeral that we looked alike, im not totally sure, what do you think?

Well i am back at work now, and getting back into the swing of things, i kind of feel like i have a different look on life at the moment. Its so fragile and short, but at the same time its so long, we can reach so many people if we try, help change their lives, and make a difference. Gran did that, she was always helping. My wish this year is that i can help change someones life, i may never know if i actually do..but it would be amazing :)

Along with getting back into my life, i have also realized how very tired i am, i am so grateful its a long weekend, as i can get things done that i wouldn't have normally. I have done all the washing, tidied up the house, walked the cat, Hubby did the Vacuuming and now i am doing some baking. I am making Pumpernickel Bread! Its just rising at the moment, waiting for it to double in size. I will post pictured tomorrow of the process and final product :)

So in about 2 hours we are heading out to my Husbands parents to make Dumplings for dinner, its going to be exciting! I cant wait. Hubby is having some man time, playing Battlefield or something similar in front of me in the lounge, and i think i will check the bread and have a nap! Im tuckered out!

Hope everyone else is having a good weekend (overseas people will still be in theirs) here its almost over :(.


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