Friday, January 6, 2012

Homemade Pita Bread

Well since i am on Holiday at the moment (for another 9 days) i have obviously had a lot of time to do things, it is fun watching TV all day and sleeping in till 11am, but somedays i feel like i want to do more :) So i decided to make something i never have before, i have made bread before, mainly focaccia and plain loves..but yeasterday i was inspired (mainly from watching Rachel Ray and Dr Oz, and i didnt want to eat unhealthy, but i was inspired to cook! (which doesn't happen often)

So thats why i decided to make Pita Bread, it was certainly different to making normal bread, it takes longer and there is a lot of pounding (so you get the air out). So here are some of my photos from the process of making it, it turned out really yummy, and we had them with Caesar Salad last night..Mmm
And this morning i popped one in the toaster and had it with a Coffee...ahh breakfast heaven!

Quick process; Recipe, Ingredients (minus flour), Kneading dough and finished!

Pita Bread all done!

My breakfast!! Mmmm

Well I'm not up to much today, as usual, i might if I'm feeling up to it, bake something and take it to my Parents in law (they are getting new carpet today) And maybe, just maybe, use my pocket money to go shopping and get a new work outfit!! hmmm..decisions decisions, better get dressed first! (thats shocking considering its 12pm already! LOL)

Have a good day y'all.


  1. Ahh, Rachel Ray and Dr. Oz. I love watching those shows! Hope you're enjoying your break. : )

  2. :) I am thanks, i think its shopping today (window shopping only lol)


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