Monday, January 16, 2012

My new Summer Plants and first day back at work

Yesterday i went to the garden centre (well a few to be exact) with Mum to get some new plants for my pots! I love planting new plants, i used some Ageratum from my Mum's garden at their old house, and a CatNip from their aswell, also a few self sown rocket seedling :). The ones a bought where Pastel Status - which you can pick and dry :), and pink and white Lobelia, to fill in all the gaps :)

So i think it will turn out really lovely once they get going, the next thing i need to sort out is my hanging basket with Nasturtium in it, it's looking very sad, i will need to take it out and pop in something to stop all the water from coming out, as well as some fertilizer to make it pick up again.

Here are some pictures of them as well as some of my tomatoes and Harvey;

Status and Lobelia

Pink and white Sweetpea

Deep purple Sweetpea

Harvey watching the birds

My tomato!!

Well today was my first day back at work from my month long holiday :( It seemed to take a long time, i am so used to waking up late and having a coffee and relaxing. But it's also good to be back, i love routines and it was nice to be up before 8! LOL. So another 4 more days and its the weekend already! Now that im back at work i find things that i wanted to do when i was on holiday! always happens..

So guess what tomorrow is..mine and Hubbies 3rd year Wedding Anniversary!! Yay, i think we might go to the movies or something, anything cheap! :P I'm so thankfull to be married to him for Three years, love you sweetheart :)

Off to cook Nachos! Ya!


  1. Ahhhh, that tomatoe looks so cute. Good job! Congratulations on your anniversary. : )

  2. Thanks :) The tomatoes tasted good too, just made some fresh bruschetta with them mm..yum!


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