Thursday, February 16, 2012

Blonde moment!!

So i had a rather interesting morning i accidentally locked my keys inside my house..i was in too much of a hype that i was actually going to be early for work, that i shut the door without grabbing my keys..what a dufus! hubby was working this morning, the one day he works, i lock myself out..blonde.

So i had to wait for hubby to come home, and i had enough time to walk to a cafe and grab myself a coffee (benefits of living in town) Then i FINALLY got into work about 10am! An hour later than i should have :P

Well I'm off to have my second coffee of the day, i think its going to be one of those days..

Oh and here is a pic of the super cool Valentine I got from my wee friends Grayson (my friends 7mnth old son) :P He's a cutie, wee romantic! lol


  1. Wow nice photo - You must have a nice camera. And a nice husband to let you back in ;-)

  2. Thanks, its a Cannon EOS 550D. And yes my hubby is thoughtful :)


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