Thursday, February 2, 2012

Pumpernickel Bread

So finally got around to posting the photos from my Pumpernickel bread :)
It was so yummy, have a bit left, i think i will have it toasted for lunch tomorrow!

The process was pretty much the same as making any other bread, if not a bit quicker and easier.
I didn't have all the ingredients for this exact recipe, so i used 2 cups of white flour and 1 cup of Rye flour. But as i found out, the Rye flour is very dense, and made the dough quite tough. Next time i will use the 1/2 cup Rye and 1/2 cup of wheatmeal. And perhaps add a bit more water, so made it a bit more moist - or even some olive oil.

Another thing i changed was just to add 1/2 tsp of Caraway and Fennel seeds.

Here are some pictures of the process;

Finished Loaf

1 comment:

  1. Wow, you make making bread look so easy! I'm so afraid to try to make anything other than quick breads. Good job!


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