Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Watercolour Birthday Card

I realised i haven't done any arty posts in a while, so here is the card i made dad for his 55th birthday on Sunday :) I used the new Watercolour pencils i got at Christmas, from my brother :)

So yeah, thats about all the drawing i have done lately, haven't been to inspired to do anything. Hopefully i can get inspired soon, i should really keep up with doing my art.

So yeah its also Valentines Day - HAPPY VALENTINES DAY Y'ALL!! :)
Hubby and I had a picnic at the spot where we took our Wedding photos over 3 years ago. Our evening started off rushed, as i had thought we were going to a picnic for our Lifegroup..half way there, found out we weren't..LOL! So we had an impromptu picnic! It was lovely, we had chicken and coleslaw buns with a can of Dr Pepper each! yum!

view of the lake from our picnic spot..lovely sunset

Well it was a lovely day today, i had a visit from my favourite wee man - Grayson, he brought me a rose for Valentines day! (he's my friends 7 month old son)
Hubby got me a toy pig - from Angry birds!!! LOL its awesome! :P


Well it think i might get my stuff ready for work tomorrow, and maybe even go to bed early (not that early, its already ten to nine..:P)

Hope everyone had a lovely special Valentines Day!

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